Research and analysis of e-commerce boiling medicine B2C

is boiling medicine B 2C e-commerce

2010, the darling of venture capital and focus on B2C e-commerce. In the financial crisis quagmire had gone today, B2C e-commerce market trends on intensive investment, has become a highlight in the economic winter.

has sequois investment Martha Marceau, good music to buy B2C website, Baidu cooperation with Japan’s Jingdong website, where the V+, red child, Lok, good music to buy this year was constantly huge financing news. Venture capital is not only the case, many private capital, the focus of traditional business enterprises also aimed at the direction of B2C e-commerce.

in the territory of B2C e-commerce, pharmaceutical B2C competition is also intense. B2C is not an ordinary person can enter the field, the threshold is high, long effective cycle, but the future is huge, who can not ignore. The health industry is likely to be the most promising industry. 3 years ago, the famous American economist Paul " the "fifth wave" Pilzer wealth Chinese version for the first time in Chinese, available, was named the "national best seller", has been reprinted 4 times. Paul " in the book will be called the health industry after the IT industry, the world’s fifth wave of wealth, revealing the upcoming wave of wealth in the health industry.

in 1999, CVS established the country’s first online pharmacy, online medical gradually developed into one of the most popular Internet business. As of 2004, the United States has more than 1 thousand online pharmacies, total e-commerce transactions in the U.S. medical industry rose from $6 billion 400 million in 1999 to $370 billion. Among them, the suppliers and hospitals, pharmacies and clinics as one of the B2B electronic transactions reached about $124 billion, online diagnostics and online pharmacies and other B2C transactions reached about $22 billion. The United States pharmaceutical industry has entered the era of online trading. In recent years, the proportion of online pharmacies sales increased year by year, and now the United States and Europe online pharmacies accounted for nearly 30% of drug sales.

in the country, Ping An Group has entered the pharmaceutical B2C, access to online retail license. Ping the current electricity supplier layout: the acquisition of the 1st shop, build an integrated platform for safe electricity providers into the pharmaceutical electricity supplier. Layout determines the outcome of the pharmaceutical e-commerce competition has just begun, competition is the resources, capital, talent, speed. Health off network, pharmacy network, online pharmacies, Ping An Group Jiuzhou pharmacy drug network, Jinxiang, Jing Wei, with online pharmacies are currently in staking, promotion and market, a large number of public relations activities.

pharmaceutical B2C e-commerce competition has been kicked off, the money has been Zhuluzhongyuan, left for the king, the electronic commerce competition is very cruel, very tangled, very fierce, the future will be more and more intense.



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