Luxury shame electricity supplier, electricity supplier is only grass root of the world

2010 is the hottest year luxury, but since the beginning of 2011, the prevalence of fake luxury goods business website prompted many layoffs, the closure or transformation, in May this year, all enjoy the network’s website has been closed, then under the banner of "enjoy the network only as a part of service", the only high-end users, on-line a month to get Saif investment luxury electric providers enjoy the network also lost.

is a luxury and electricity supplier is really incompatible? After the transformation of in the low-end market, but the market, electricity providers really is only grass root of the world? Or see Enron, the luxury goods business after a sharp turn radical, to find a suitable model of the web site are still marching.

in recent years, the development of luxury electricity supplier is the form of collapse, adjustment and transformation.

Two mishap

luxury electric providers: product authenticity, difficult to guarantee the supply of the back of a poor user experience. In 2011 the prevalence of fake lead to a lot of luxury electric providers website lost a large number of users, in order to dispel doubts about the authenticity of the user goods, all kinds of luxury websites have been competing brand licensing, while others failed to secure the limited high-end brand licensing sites have been closed down, by the end of 2011, the NetEase’s Luxuries network announced the closure, November WOOHA first network homepage was hacked, then the site closed in October 2012; cool off statue.

on the other end, but also in the luxury electricity supplier in the blue ocean swaying website, the brand is more competitive overseas high-end products.

November 2012, serves network and eBay cooperation, serves network reforming positioning "global fashion online store" has been to overseas brands; October 2012, LuxeHome network won 80 European and American modern brand licensing; in 2013, the temple library network founder Li Rixue said the online sale of luxury goods is a very important part of the business, but this alone obviously can’t go on in June, the temple library network announced 1 billion luxury goods to participate in the sales promotion, and the layout of "sea", trying to grasp the first-tier cities high-end consumers, the Chinese overseas consumption all included in the bag.

iResearch research data show that the 70.4% luxury users choose to buy online luxury goods online is cost-effective, namely the purchase of luxury goods consumer psychology is: with the high price to buy luxury goods, value or price, but luxury itself has no cost advantage, coupled with the Internet business on the advertising model, the price war is clearly the luxury goods business no return.

is still alive in the world of luxury electricity supplier to do what changes?

network to share, B2C business platform is a flagship luxury discount, which is similar to, and other large for having heard it many times the sale will be in the form of survival in the world, in order to expand the customer base and share network also joint major banks offer discount for credit card customers.

enjoy the network has worked with banks, telecommunications and other agencies to enhance the user’s trust in the electronic business platform, which may also >

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