We started to work in the entrepreneurial network

in December, after more than a month to complete the website structure and website online, finally on the line, can finally see. There is a sense of excitement, looking at our website, as if our son grew up, full of 18 years old, you can go to the community. Here today on the site to build a few months to write some of their own feelings, it can be regarded as a summary of the previous stage.

September years ago, I and a colleague of mine (which is now a partner) is also a local venture in Xuzhou network work, this venture is a relatively well-known local portal channels. That is the entrepreneurial network, in fact, the main revenue is advertising. Advertising to some businesses to help them publicity, charge. Entrepreneurial network well, encourage entrepreneurs to start their own businesses, and then we will carry forward the tradition of their own business. When we have six people, and later because of very special reasons, leaving a partner. It was really tragic.

at the beginning, what we thought was simple. Because we are the website was born, we would like to do business as the starting point (do a website), slowly doing our own portal. Use our technology to provide service to customers. But the idea didn’t work. Later, we would like to find businesses, get together to buy, each business to join our members, the annual fee charged 500 yuan. And then to find two salesman, began our group buying activities. As a result, only one day, the two salesman ran away. Next we do is now the city shopping site. We are in the market position of Xuzhou, the name of the web site called Huaihai shopping mall. Just match the domain name www.huaihaisc.com. As a B2C site. We have to do is to find the best quality, cheap sources, to find the source of goods can be uploaded.

has recently uploaded some of the goods, which is a very exhausting job. We still have a lot of work to do, and vigorously promote our website, so that more people know our mall, we know that the mall to provide the best quality, most affordable goods. Entrepreneurship is not easy ah, we college students, and finally realized the hardships of life. After graduation, I do not want to go home with money, I think they can earn money to feed themselves. Although our future is very confused, but no matter how hard we, we are full of passion, optimistic, never give up.

in the propaganda and how to manage the mall, there are still a lot to learn. I hope to be able to get master’s advice, if you have good advice and I can contact QQ:1105941705, if there is on site to do things, what can I do, I will try my best to do.

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