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618 on the morning of 19, like a raging fire, Gome online officially announced its June 18th day report data, according to official data, the United States online 618 Pro 18 0 point night rush to open, once triggered panic buying consumer boom, 18, 0 points to 24 points, the United States online total transactions surged 306%. 11 double sales of 30% over last year.

is worth mentioning is that the United States online 618 the creation of a three recording industry: mobile terminal turnover increased 680%, accounting for the total reached 61%, becoming the first terminal sales accounted for over 60% of the current mainstream platform of mobile B2C business; mobile terminal customer price reached 2700 yuan, become the main current of B2C mobile business end customer price highest platform again; at the same time, according to the latest data Huihui assistant, Gome online 618 day reached a record low proportion of goods is 50.9%, 618 largest low-cost commodity business platform.

it is understood that the 618 day, the United States contributed a total of $56% of the total amount of online transactions, including Haier, GREE has become the most popular home appliance brands. In addition to home appliances, Gome online 3C digital, auto parts, clothing shoes, bags, Home Furnishing decoration, food and drinks, gold jewelry and other categories have also achieved 3 to 5 fold increase. Especially in the performance of gold is very eye-catching, 16 to 18 on the 3 day gold sales break million, unitoll jewelry 10 grams of gold bullion investment 18 days all day long sales more than 13 thousand 2601 yuan. 4658 yuan iPhone greatly stimulated the enthusiasm of consumers to buy, creating a new record of nearly 1 minutes hot selling 1200 units.

third square parity tools help shopping assistant monitoring display: United States online is the 618 largest commodity network platform this year,

according to Hui Hui assistant data show that this year reached 618 of the largest proportion of the largest commodity platform for the u.s.. Last year, Gome online in 42% reached a record low proportion of goods, who won the first Jingdong. This year, the United States online success defending, defending the online shopping really low title.

is also understood that the United States this year, the 3.15 largest online promotion on the creation of a record high of $2500 off the price of the unit, and once again jumped to a high of 2700 yuan high customer price, becoming the highest electricity supplier mainstream. The reason is that the United States online vice president Huang Xiangping said that Gome online mobile terminal launched a series of explosion appliances 3C, such as 2999 yuan to grab a limited TCL49 inch 4K Ultra HD TV, 10 minute burst sale 5000; Hisense 1999 yuan to grab a limited 43 inch Full HD smart TV, only 1 hours more than 1 thousand berserk 4658 yuan, iPhone6 explosive materials have greatly stimulated the enthusiasm of consumers to panic buying, directly pulled up the price. On the other hand, 18, 2009 – the morning of 7 in the non working hours, the user is generally used to shop under the phone single shopping, so that period of time, the United States and the United States online mobile home appliances snapped up also showed a hot trend in.

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