Buy site negative ridden 2012 mainstream buy more than half will be eliminated

editor’s note: after sale is not guaranteed, the lack of industry norms, the development prospects are unknown, a large number of small and medium electricity supplier website has died or is dying. Among them, the group purchase website also seems like a raging fire has entered the winter with the weather. If winter comes, can spring be far behind? Group purchase website "left" the king’s prediction will come true next fall? Who will? Beijing IT channel special provision of "observation" group purchase ecological series tracking reports, group purchase group purchase is stripped of chaos, reduction.

Beijing, February 8, (IT channel Zuo Shengdan) Nongyan said was not the first month of lunar new year, but for some group purchase enterprises, quite a bit over the taste of spring.

Groupon (micro-blog) is probably a year to feel the deepest enterprise, according to the new network IT channel, the Groupon after layoffs and overdue wages after the incident was exposed owed business debt reached ten million yuan, and is still selling expired buy goods. Has been suspected of fraud. At the same time, preparing for the listing of Wo Wo Group (micro-blog) were met with executives before the event, CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) Tong Jiawei with more than sales turnover, analysts believe that this will affect the listing process or Wo Wo Group.

in fact, at the end of last year, the industry group purchase has been ahead of the winter, handle the overseas listing in the "Gaopeng failed, Tissot (micro-blog)", 24 coupons due to wage arrears exposed by the media. Some experts predict that in 2012, more than half of the current camp in the domestic buy site will be eliminated.

Group Po network sale of goods suspected of fraud

it is reported that in addition to the arrears of business loans, the group also has several hundred million employees in arrears wages, the current group treasure network operations have been basically stagnant, there are plans to join the joint venture to treasure the headquarters of the company to discuss". Delinquent behavior Groupon also directly affects the user’s consumption, some consumers know the truth will have money into the treasure account group. As businesses can not get in touch with the group treasure, can only be informed to come to an appointment with the consumer has stopped cooperation with the group treasure, so that consumers find their own treasure contact refund matters.

According to

reports, Groupon Guangzhou station, although the surface normal operation, but with many has expired and group purchase goods, still can deal. Internet industry lawyer Zhao Zhanling said that if the termination of cooperation with merchants in the group, the group is still selling the product in the name of the merchant, the merchant can report to the police, this is evidence of the group treasure network fraud." And once confirmed as fraud, the group needs to pay double compensation treasure network.

February 6th, mission treasure network CEO Ren Chunlei (micro-blog) in Sina micro-blog said, after all the collective efforts of all shareholders, the parties are coming to the account, with immediate effect to start issuing." It is understood that yesterday, the group has been part of the treasure net staff received wages, while the arrears of the business has not yet arrived.

Wo Wo Group executives listed blocked

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