Micro business suffered a crisis of confidence in spring is lopsided

2015 explosion mask, replenishment unexpected results; South Korea’s latest fashion, the lowest price of the whole network, so that you are different…… In addition to such a moving speech, the seller is often accompanied by high Yan value reality show, so the transaction is not so familiar with the scene that this is the circle of friends in the micro WeChat.

in recent years, micro business momentum, hundreds of thousands of thousands of people, heated meeting so many "white" feel that it is my future dream space and rich plant. At present, although there is no accurate statistics on the number of micro business groups, but the industry estimates, the number of people involved in the circle of friends only micro business operators more than 10 million, to participate in the sale of a small number of masks in the number of millions of people.

business form innovation

look at the business model, there are two main micro B2C and C2C: B2C model by building a micro business management system to provide a complete product distribution program. The C2C model is through the brand to find a general agent, down from the level of the general agent, the development of the level of sales agents longitudinal model.

micro business huge explosive force and the development of space has its inevitability. The first is the immediacy of the transaction. Micro business advocates is to center, consumers can get rid of the shackles of electricity supplier shopping platform, everyone has the opportunity to become a sales terminal. This social trust based on the micro business platform, through interaction, exchange, sharing, social value guidance, etc., to promote the realization of commodity trading at any time.


is the diversification of services and diversification of the entrance. Micro business is the pursuit of "small is beautiful", mainly in the circle of friends and acquaintances, can timely and accurately meet the circle of friends of the regular customers of consumer demand. And has a huge user base of WeChat circle of friends is the first entrance of micro business. Micro-blog, easy letter and other social tools, has become the main entrance of the micro business.

can be said that the micro business is a new form of business, it will be fragmented by the user’s mobile device time together, by giving the scene of the shopping experience will bring together the user. Strictly speaking, it is not just a sales channel, but also a social networking platform to maintain customer relationships. It is the value of this unique value of micro business, Taobao, the United States mission, public comment, Jingdong, etc. are racking their brains in the circle of friends staking WeChat, a number of commercial entities shop also launched the WeChat public in a timely manner.

however, as more and more people join the micro business industry, the ills of dragons and fishes jumbled together have gradually emerged. Due to the low barriers to entry, there are risks in derivative products and services, once the trust chain is broken, the whole channel will collapse.

suffered a crisis of confidence

micro business, this is a "broad road" business platform after, but now some Nishajuxia, micro brand now has become the world’s den, marketing agency, fake paradise. There is no denying that, as a new type of e-commerce, micro business by virtue of its low threshold of entrepreneurship, flexible operation >

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