Tmall 618 sales of more than 1 million mobile phone industry sales record


technology news June 18th evening news Tmall official data show that Tmall mall today in less than 24 hours of time, about 1000000 sets of mobile phone sold out. This means that China’s mobile phone industry, a new record was born.

market research firm Canalys latest data show that in the first quarter of 2014, global smartphone shipments of 279 million 400 thousand, China accounted for up to 35%, equivalent to the average daily sales of about 1 million units. In other words, Tmall spent less than 1 days, the sale of all the channels of the country’s total sales of smart phones a day.

today is an important part of the promotion of Tmall, Tmall’s 3C digital platform Tmall Electric City launched the largest mobile phone industry activities. Apple, millet, Samsung, ZTE, HUAWEI, cool, Lenovo and many other brands involved.

3C digital mobile phone especially has always been the core class major business platform, the major electricity supplier also invested heavily in the field of resource competition. No suspense, Tmall sold 1 million mobile phones a day to refresh the industry record in the field.


Electric City General Manager Zhang Jun said, a small electric city taken in mobile phone sales, a big step in promoting the development of mobile phone industry, a test of mobile phone supplier ecosystem which is beginning with mobile phone brands, communications operators and other partners to establish the.

in Tmall electric city brand sales charts, millet, HUAWEI, Lenovo, Samsung, cool and other well-known mobile phone manufacturers are still hot, but a name turn but also among the InFocus mobile phone sales in the top five in the big list.

networking Tmall flagship store relevant responsible person said, Tmall provides a not big brand as a big opportunity. Rich networking Tmall flagship store is Foxconn’s mobile phone company operations InFocus brand company. But also Foxconn OEM InFocus brand. The event has also received strong support from Foxconn CEO Terry Gou.

Zhang Jun believes that this is not an individual phenomenon, the number of brands in the market are not too concerned, non popular models or other electronic business platform is not to be seen, but with Tmall sales an unprecedented scale.

announced in April 18th this year, Tmall Electric City, with domestic ZTE, HUAWEI, cool and other mainstream mobile phone brand, mobile, telecommunication operators, and mobile phone state contractor and virtual operators telling, Asd signed a strategic cooperation, to build a mobile phone China e-commerce ecosystem. (munan)

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