How to be a good boss

listened to the successful experience of others, is not ready to want to surf the Internet a taste the taste of the boss? Experts remind the novice, online shop although it is easy to say, but I still have to do some homework in advance to succeed, if you are a novice, it may refer to experience of experts summed up, so can you.

before selling:

A, first to learn when the customer. You can go to network intelligence, Taobao, eBay and other sites, when the first few buyers, familiar with the whole process of online shopping, help to absorb the experience.

B, choose the right product. Select some special, personalized products are the focus of attracting customers, in addition to depends on the source of goods, choose their own easy to find the source of goods, the use of regional price differences to make money.

C, the application site platform or set up a personal website. Domain name and address is the number for the settled mall, the selection criteria is to choose a popular website, set up their own websites can learn from the successful experience of others.

D, consider the pricing of goods. First of all, to ensure their own profit margins, to maintain their basic costs. For just started the store, the price must be accurate positioning, do not easily cut prices, do not price too high, set the price is not easy to change.

E, shop name and product introduction to attract people. The name of the shop to get up eye-catching, online sale of goods, most of the buyers are unable to see the real time, so to get a clear beautiful photos of the products, but also a detailed description of the goods, so that they can have more attractive to buyers.


goods updated quickly. The new network industry obviously linked to the position, title to attractive design.


A, after-sales service to be thoughtful. Sell the goods, to contact the first time and the buyer after shipment to you as soon as possible buyers to send a shipment notification letter, it is best to enclose the parcel photos, so that buyers can see the information above writing and the specific number, let buyers more confidence, also let buyers feel warm, it is very important to "return" to attract.

B, pay attention to the shop’s credit rating. The goods sold online, the website provides a platform will be sold according to the proportion of goods charge a transaction fee, after the deal, the parties shall have the obligation to do credit evaluation for each other, high degree of credit is crucial for the shop’s business, all buyers will take credit to choose whether to buy your goods.

secret of success: integrity first

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