A takeaway ordering platform for business operations planning

do (WEB) network, need to have a good project, a good project needs a good planning…..

is the trend of online meal ordering, prevailing winds, seize the opportunity, do the first person to eat crabs, the establishment of local life service platform, you may gain not only the profit, but a great sense of accomplishment! But passion is not sufficient, a careful planning and matching platform the function of the platform system, these factors play a key role, good planning and a good network platform takeaway let you run a tiger with wings added let you forever in an invincible position, for full sincerity through takeaway platform, we provide the official simple operation platform planning for users reference, here we do is a simple introduction, let users get tips from operational planning, then let users know about the details and the main function of the depth of the whole structure of the Cheng takeaway.

(the following all sincere takeaway platform collectively referred to as the platform)

as a platform for consumers and businesses of the media, how to do a good job of consumer and business services are still important, but from the severity, position slightly stronger than consumer businesses, consumers as a platform of active groups, feel their degree will directly affect the activity of the platform, the platform is active, the present status of natural businesses and also, as a communication tool, it has its own superiority that other marketing methods can not be compared, because interpersonal communication with

has a lot of credibility, and interpersonal communication to show the diffusion type, the impact of a wide range, so the platform has a stable large number of consumers is the value orientation of the platform; or that the business platform is the source of profits, while consumption is the source of profit guarantee platform! So, platform operation should focus on how to do the above services to consumers.

one, the distinction between consumers and grade:

1, from the type of consumer segmentation, consumers can be divided into several types of

(1), the consumer can long-term meal. And accounted for a larger proportion. Individuals from the consumer oriented generally pay more attention to cheap, affordable, delicious.

(2) small and medium sized company employees, which belong to the needs of white-collar workers, due to busy work or other reasons, the choice of the network called meals, their consumer orientation is generally convenient, affordable, unique taste.

(3) family, to accelerate the pace of life, always let families choose faster way to eat, especially to guests at home, the only choice is to stay at home, choose a network called meal. This consumer spending is generally a large number of different products, regardless of the amount of consumption, only the pursuit of satisfaction.

(4) in the high-end consumer, the consumer’s consumer orientation is generally more critical, do not care about the price, the pursuit of different tastes.

–> analysis: the level of the consumer, the performance of the business also need to level the business, the only way

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