Amazon class Jingdong open platform, have to seize the race against time

According to Sina

technology Trish spring reports, vice president of Jingdong Jingdong open platform Kui Ying supervisor at the present stage, the Jingdong open platform and Ali temperament are not the same, Jingdong are more inclined to use Amazon’s open platform business model.

Tmall do is the Internet business, providing traffic to sell advertising, and Jingdong is to provide logistics services, warehousing, distribution and other after-sales service, which is similar to the Amazon model."

Kui Ying Chun said, distribution, logistics, warehousing and Jingdong will be open to the seller, teach them how to carry out the supply chain management, and give the seller to provide cloud and promotion tools, ERP software and other services.

sellers use Jingdong logistics, warehousing prices, cheaper than the use of similar services to other companies." Kui Ying Chun said, currently has more than 20% sellers to provide solutions to the seller in the use of Jingdong, is expected to have more than 40% sellers will use at the end of the year.

, according to Kui Yingchun introduction, the current Jingdong open business revenue comes from two parts, the first part of the Commission, and open some advertising. The second part is the value of warehousing and distribution costs, which has occupied a very important position.

public information, Jingdong open platform operations for three years, attracted to the seller of the last year, the transaction amount of up to 12 billion of the amount of up to $30 thousand. Kui Ying Chun said that the current Jingdong open platform needs healthy development, through the promotion of buyers and sellers experience to gain market share, is the most important stage now.

tiger sniffing note: it can be seen, and now Jingdong open platform compared with Tmall, the biggest advantage is that you can output logistics warehousing advantage. But the situation is changing at any time. Jingdong open platform, the future will face — led by Ma rookie network construction of intelligent logistics network is wildly beating gongs and drums, if completed within ten years, a Jingdong enterprise logistics resources difficult to resist the potential fault; the current is the traditional retail chain from Suning, than Jingdong ifheavier logistics resources the output, but also to engage in Suning open platform. September 12th, that is, tomorrow, Suning will soon release its open platform strategy. According to its official said, Suning open platform will be the first merchants will not open individual businesses, will only choose the brand, the brand directly authorized by the regional dealer and localization of large integrated retailers. In addition, not only the open front line of more open platform, logistics, finance, IT back-end service resources, to provide services for the overall retail business presence, to carry out data analysis, precision marketing, promote efficient circulation, flexible supply chain construction." Look at this kind of resources and ability, known as some Jingdong, Suning which no


of course, from another point of view can also be concluded: the moment is a window of the open platform for the development of the big Jingdong – rookie has not yet landed, the advantages of the Soviet Union online. Jingdong open platform, need to seize the race against time.

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