30 tips for making money on pay research sites

1 registration paid when survey sites fill in personal information to their own income level raise, and of high consumption of products to interest; if you have less money, can not afford to buy a survey released business products, you will be screened out. Of course, if you have 18 years of income is also difficult to convince 10000 (registered domestic survey company, the monthly income of 8000-20000 yuan is more reasonable, foreign countries should be higher)

2 decision choice, the at least part of the decision-making power in the company, or at home, you are buying any products or decision opinions can affect the company or family has absolute decision-making; decision-making will be through investigation. If you don’t even have the right to buy goods, you don’t have much value in the investigation,

3 frequently Login registered paid survey website to update their personal data;

4 daily or often open the registration fee survey website used e-mail, do not miss the survey invitation.

5 do not receive a survey invitation is eager to fill out the questionnaire, first see the name and ask! If you need to know is 25-34 year old female white-collar workers for digital products, consumer habits, and you are blind to fill in you is a 22 year old working men, the investigation of failure is very normal. The investigation of housework is very high in the proportion of men who fail. Although the equality of men and women for 100 years, however, women do housework in the society or a common phenomenon, perhaps the bickering, men often do housework! Customer only consider the mainstream phenomenon from a scientific point of view, the mainstream is generally at the neglected state! Investigation, similar problems also have some special products such as cosmetics, although men started early with a large treasure, but have long time no see, of which the cosmetics survey choose men to be completed! One! Here is not introduced one by one.

6 if you are not familiar with the products or areas involved in the questionnaire, do not have to worry about not being able to complete the questionnaire, the question can not be answered with Baidu or Google search.

7 to register a new mailbox to receive the investigation of the invitation to facilitate management (Note: if the payment of the investigation site is a foreign company to operate, please use YAHOO Yahoo, Gu Google, such as the famous foreign mailbox registration. Is a domestic company operations, you can use NetEase 126, NetEase, Sina Sina and other domestic free mailbox, or you may not receive an invitation to investigate the mail, you will get the opportunity to earn less.

The more

8 registered companies, the more opportunities to participate in the survey. However, some companies are not very good, or even suspected fraud, such as to accumulate to $100 payment, I do not know how long to do! Under normal circumstances is 30 yuan to 50 yuan to pay.

9 registration is successful, the company’s investigation into your mailbox

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