China nternet Corporation listed overseas reached 39

Statistical report released

investment in the group show, 2010 Chinese Internet industry financing amounted to US $1 billion 831 million, accounting for 32% of the total annual venture capital; the report also showed that the maximum amount of financing in the 10 venture capital project, the Internet industry accounted for 60%, 40% of which came from the electronic commerce enterprise, the amount of investment of more than $50 million.

to 2011, Chinese Internet industry has become the domestic and foreign investors xiangbobo. During the first quarter of this year in the reign of news, 13 overseas markets and domestic capital market 3 IPO the success of the 160 companies, China enterprises have 105, about two times the total number of enterprises in other countries IPO. Chinese enterprises listed financing amounted to $18 billion 434 million, accounting for 58% of global financing.

Tong Bao statistics show that as of the end of 2010, in the domestic and overseas market Chinese Internet companies for a total of 33 home, see Table 1:



China Internet status

listed in the industry and the temptation of space, China’s Internet industry has shown unprecedented activity, a time to become very popular, venture capital is to show its unprecedented madness. From the end of the listed Youku and Mcglaughlin, to this year’s Qihoo,, Qin, Shanda literature, Jiayuan and other Internet companies, and is actively preparing for listing the, thunder, happy net, occasion Tongbao involving a number of areas, Chinese Internet companies listed queuing scene, constituted the capital market in the United States has a unique "Chinese landscape".

in CEO innovation works Li Kaifu, this year the Internet listing tide affected by two factors: on the one hand, the huge market will Chinese American emerging Internet "concept" to enlarge, in more than a year ago, Chinese total number of Internet users has exceeded the total population of the United States; on the other hand, is the global inflation background. That is to say, a lot of hot money.

media concluded that China Internet companies, currently has three forms: the first two are listed and listed on the go on the road, the other is the city, spin off business market, a new round of money movement.

Internet industry bubble

in front of the Internet industry seems to be bustling scene, many people in the industry feel unreal at the same time can not help but issued a bubble warning voice. The United States Warren Buffett said recently, the Internet bubble may have to a considerable extent, from Facebook Twitter’s valuation can be felt.

Sohu CEO Zhang Zhaoyang recently, a bubble, is the capital market for American companies to bubble, this bubble, the capital market for China stocks bubble; earnings ratio is the best index > now

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