Americans also love the sea Amoy China direct purchase electricity supplier Wish valuation of $3 bil

of the United States China direct mail shopping application Wish


technology news Beijing time on May 18th morning news, on the application of Wish in intelligent mobile phone, everything is so cheap, a price of $2470 and $69, a $399 WiFi camera was sold for $89, $229 a pair of high-heeled shoes for only 32 dollars.

all the eye-catching ultra low price for the San Francisco mobile phone shopping application attracted a large number of users, this is a main variety of non brand low-priced products online market, including clothing, jewelry, intelligent mobile phone shell, shower, most of them from Chinese direct mail.


service from the process point of view, this should be considered a "anti Amazon" service: Amazon has been invested large sums of money to speed up the delivery speed, but the Wish business has only promised in a few weeks delivered the goods, sometimes even beyond the deadline.

this application currently has nearly 100 million free accounts, compared with June last year, an increase of 2 times. Today, the total number of its business is about 100 thousand, the total number of goods is about 40 million.

investors are also buying it. Informed sources, Wish’s parent company ContextLogic recently completed a total of about $500 million in financing through the Russian DST Global, before investors also include GGV Capital and Founders Fund. The company’s valuation has grown from $400 million in June to $about 3000000000 last year.

Compared to

, the market value of flash purchase site Zulily is only $1 billion 700 million, the clothing company American Eagle Outfitters market capitalization is only $3 billion 100 million.

China direct purchase business is clearly a market." Senior director of global digital Retail Research Center of North University of Texas Richard · (Richard Last) said last. He believes that Wish has so far achieved success, "the problem is that they can do to ensure the quality of products in large scale process, provide reliable customer service — this is eBay doing face large scale process challenges."

is very similar to eBay, Wish is a platform for the pure buyers and sellers, which means that the company does not stock, daily management costs are relatively small. They will get 15% commission from each transaction.

Wish currently has approximately 400 employees, but declined to disclose financial data. However, the company’s executives said they planned IPO (IPO), only the specific time has not been determined.

"where else can I buy a new T-shirt for $4?", a 31 year old Wish user, Ram Pasi (Lamp>) · (Kristina)

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