Kam Road, large size 3D printer unveiled at the Dongguan nternational Robot Show

with the development of 3D printing technology, this technology is more and more accepted by the public, and applied to various fields of everyday life. June 2nd, the 3 day of the fourth Dongguan international robotics and industrial automation exhibition in Guangdong Modern International Exhibition Center, which is undoubtedly one of the most popular 3D printing plate.


this exhibition attracted dozens of 3D printing enterprises exhibitors, according to the exhibition organizing committee responsible person, 3D printing is a technology of the China and the world are highly valued, has been included in the 2025 focus on the development of China manufacturing technology. Dongguan is a manufacturing city, with a large demand for 3D printing technology, the show is much higher than last year, according to incomplete statistics, the number of visitors will reach 50 thousand people.

in the 3D printing exhibition, the day is the most popular than Guangzhou Jin Tao Road Automatic Control Technology Co., ltd.. Guangzhou Kam Road built with two large size models exhibitors, print size reached 600mm*600mm*800mm and 1000mm*1000mm*1200mm. In order to prepare for the exhibition, the lion and the giant Eiffel Tower built Kam also specially with the 3D print 1 meters to help out.


according to the person in charge of Xu Jin said: "we are the first to participate in the exhibition, the exhibitors before we did the survey, as a manufacturing city of Dongguan, many enterprises have the demand of rapid prototyping. But for large parts of the 3D printer, if the use of imported 3D printers at several million. Such a price for SMEs can not afford, even if it can not afford to buy back the situation. We built Kam Road is to see this demand, especially for small and medium enterprises to develop these two large size 3D printers to meet customer demand. Customers only need to spend 1/10 of the price of imported equipment, we can buy our equipment, and we provide to the customer is not just a device, as well as the application of 3D printing in the customer’s industry." Xu Zongwang a booth packed with customers said: "I think the idea is for the company’s overall strategy, show up to now we have received eight or nine clients, including our previously inaccessible large companies."


it is understood that the Guangzhou Jin Tao Road Automatic Control Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2012, is the first batch of engaged in R & D and production of 3D printer manufacturers. Has now developed for 3D printing machine, shoe shoes for the education sector, medical guide for desktop 3D printer industry PEEK 3D printer, and the exhibition launched large size 3D printer.

Kam Road, the person in charge, the last two years the rapid development of the company. In order to expand the business in East China, but also set up a special Fujian

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