Cross border electricity supplier DX new Trilogy how to attack in defense

is a company listed in Hongkong established cross-border export B2C enterprise, (hereinafter referred to as DX) has been the most front-end to manliness high spirit image standing in the industry. However, the fast changing market environment and competitors as one falls, another rises in the past two years, DX seems to make time a bit tired, the results reflected in the data is not satisfactory, the personnel changes also sparked a lot of speculation. However, this low-key giant did not stop the pace of the front, in the defense of the offense may be able to explain what it is going to do next.

days ago, billion state power network connection Holdings Limited CFO Li Jianhui and investor relations director Yao Yuan, the future development of thinking and judgment on the industry is discussed.

exploration: Latin American market can write a new story?

was informed that DX has launched a more than and 10 language version of the site, covering Europe and the United States, Latin America, Russia and other markets. In recent years, sluggish growth in Europe and the United States mature market, the more energy to invest in emerging markets in Latin America led. Latin American business (excluding Argentina) in the proportion of its overall business has reached the proportion of 15%~20%.

According to

, DX is the first batch of cross-border electricity providers to enter the market, has formed its own business system in Latin America, and the establishment of a certain brand awareness. At the same time, due to their own good at doing social marketing, DX repeat purchase rate in the market customers can reach more than 60%.

of course, emerging markets also mean more problems and obstacles. DX investor relations director Yao yuan to billion state power network that, first of all, Latin American countries, policy changes, tax issues, limiting citizens’ cross-border online shopping problems emerge in an endless stream, two logistics situation is very unstable, often appear to strike, customs policy adjustment phenomenon, let people by surprise.

"such as Argentina, the introduction of the new policy last year, limits the number of citizens every year and the cumulative amount of cross-border online shopping (to $100), plus foreign exchange restrictions, so that all aspects of Argentina foreign electricity suppliers are very frustrated, China enterprises to enter the South American market is also greatly increased the difficulty."

however, the Latin American market is a "cut off" not fat. According to the U.S. market research firm eMarketer research, as of the end of 2013, nearly 300 million people in Latin American network users, more than half of the total population, by 2017, the number will reach 320 million. The growth rate of online sales in Latin America has been more than the developed countries, the huge potential."

so, DX chose the "borrowing" of local enterprises re offensive. The CFO Li Jianhui said, DX has been with a Argentina well-known enterprises signed an agreement, the company has a relatively mature business network, and the business scope of a number of Latin American countries, DX can use its sales channels to spread business. Cooperation between the two sides will be the main manifestation

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