Ali Wanda electricity supplier PK comprehensive OCS docking entity

lead: so far, still no company can fully integrated online and offline, Wanda and Ali as their field leader, have great potential, who can lead to complete this process, are worth looking forward to.


2012, the two major domestic game billion yuan, Wang Jianlin’s richest man Ma Yun e-commerce lay "(Wang Jianlin: 10 years later, if the electricity supplier accounted for 50%, in the Chinese retail market share I gave Ma Yun one hundred million. If not, he returned me one hundred million). By the end of 2015, Wanda fifast network and Ali Cat Street "look more like", is the industry dubbed the "hit the face, which is behind the two giants are competing for online and offline entities, and between the electricity supplier channel.

O2O: fifast network on pedestria service similar to

Street meow?

in the upsurge of O2O, Wanda and Ali met again.

after two years of deliberation, Wanda Group’s electricity supplier sector in July 31st this year officially launched fifast net and fifast App, known as the first shopping center from the entity as the entry into the field of electronic business; and in the eleven year period, known as a "meow Street" App attention in a number of shopping centers in Beijing, the it is the first line shopping "artifact group Alibaba launched in May this year, the".

interesting is that both sides of the APP application is currently provided by the service content are very similar: parking location, online queuing, indoor navigation, promotions and other services. In this regard, an industry source told reporters: in fact, just the beginning of the layout of the two is still very different, I do not know how later, the two sides of the interface is getting closer."

is the same as competing products, where the advantages of Ali? According to the relevant person in charge, the core competitiveness lies in the cooperation meow street, shopping malls and businesses to share Ali resources, such as playing cat Babel integral, online and offline Tongdui, open Alipay, enter street can meow open mobile payments also shared high de map, Ali communication technology services, make cooperation mall settled after the street meow can share these cutting-edge technologies and services.

in the "big data" resources, who fly equally unashamedly. It is reported that, by flying to create the Internet operations management platform, Wanda’s membership system can also open to the shopping center members, points, big data, marketing and other data sharing. In addition, there are built by Wi-Fi, Beacon and other information infrastructure, the use of mobile Internet technology to achieve a variety of intelligent features.

but in Ali’s meow Street official, High German map, Alipay etc. These all belong to the Ali brothers unit, it is possible to have a more in-depth cooperation and more exclusive service.

and Wanda Group Chairman Wang Jianlin in an interview with reporters, also said that big data is a false proposition, not a big data on the line, useful caixing. Companies with big data in the world

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