NetEase has unveiled a number of small and medium entrepreneurs will be one of the network marketing

recently, the fifth session of the annual meeting of small and medium entrepreneurs in the Great Hall of the people held a grand opening ceremony of NetEase’s annual search site, with thousands of small and medium enterprises to explore the network marketing opportunities and strategies. As a new search engine, NetEase has a number of integrated network marketing platform to obtain recognition of many entrepreneurs.

relies on the rich resources of NetEase, NetEase has a number of integrated network marketing platform (including portals, mailboxes, search, dictionaries, etc.) for SMEs to provide a wealth of promotional resources. A NetEase business product director bauta said: "the number of domestic small and medium-sized enterprises have more than 4000, but to realize the importance of enterprise search engine or a minority, a NetEase hopes to" provide consultancy ‘marketing team advisory services, help more small and medium-sized enterprises through the network marketing innovation to seize opportunities, to achieve rapid development."

According to

reports, NetEase Youdao through intensive farming plan "and a series of dealer support initiatives to help agents, the rapid growth of Internet marketing experts. These marketing experts and NetEase a direct sales team to go to the small and medium-sized enterprises, from the purchase of keywords to all aspects of enterprise website construction to provide professional services for small and medium-sized enterprises, small and medium enterprises to help the smooth realization of marketing innovation.

NetEase Youdao customer service staff helps us, they are how to choose keywords more accurate keywords, price adjustment, or even to promote site structure improvement and other aspects will provide us with professional advice. Gradually, in the NetEase with the help of customer service staff, we promote the effect of getting better and better. Now every day is busy answering from across the country to join the Advisory! "According to the Wuhan Baxter clothing Limited company responsible person said Mr. peng.

it is worth mentioning that, in order to help SMEs to grasp the Asian marketing opportunities, a NetEase launched the "NetEase, cheer games". By the end of this month 27 days, a total of thousands of small and medium-sized enterprises to participate in this event, and get more marketing opportunities in the Asian Games, has a good promotion effect. In addition, the activities of the numerous clients including Jingdong brand mall,, Ctrip, New Oriental, HALS, recognition.

in the third quarter of 2010, a NetEase of household consumption rose by 120%. "As an important part of Chinese economy, SMEs play an irreplaceable role, a NetEase through the innovative search technology for small and medium-sized enterprises to provide more valuable Internet promotion service." A NetEase business product director bauta said.

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