Kaixin.com happy to return home is not known whether the name changed

recently, happy network www.kaixin001.com  no official release, kaixin.com was actually 9185.com’s hand. Now kaixin.com is still docked parking status

below is kaixin.com today’s Whois message:

Domain Name: KAIXIN.COM

Registrant [1460322]:

Mike Fu [email protected]

9158.com and kaixin001.com also do in the operation of social networking sites, there is a clear competitive relationship between the two sites business. The relationship is a bit like the year made-in-china.com and hc360.com have obvious industry similarities, the two if the same as the madeinchina.com domain name brand event. In the closed beta kaixin001.com in 9158.com will do the wedding dress is obvious, carefully build the happy net brand because of the kaixin.com domain name strategy will watch for others with the flow.

9158.com is the four digital virus meters, from a deeper level, if you want to build a new brand to replace the new domain name is not impossible. Kaixin001.com in 9158.com at the end of the new owners, the meaning behind it may not only be friendly help, even if the kaixin.com home is just on the 9158.com relay, from the competition between the two hands over the domain name, may also have a more profound personnel, brand or capital movements.

kaixin001.com has reached the end of the new owner 9158.com hands. 9158.com and kaixin001.com if there is no depth of cooperation, then the official release of the kaixin001.com is expected to change the name of the.

hainei.com happy and kaixin001.com belong to a type of domain name, whether happy net intends to officially launched after the opening of the new domain name is currently rumored Kaixin001 will try can make nothing of it, to talk from happy with the new domain name tanxin.com.

kaixin001.com as a IT circle in the development of the courier site, the early domain name brands do not attach importance to the cause of today’s embarrassing situation. Happy network of kaixin.com domain name brand return is still unknown.


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