Guo Yeye for the type of enterprise network marketing tools ()

: a review of previous period, Guo Yeye: enterprise how to classify network promotion? Will be classified into six categories of enterprises, enterprises in different circumstances should have different ways to promote the network, this period, I will be for the first type of enterprise, in detail, how to promote the type of enterprises.

Guo Yeye mentioned the enterprise network promotion, first need a detailed classification, although the quality of itself is not high, but I was still curious to finish this architecture slightly more complex articles, I hope you are going into the network to promote the enterprise or individual is useful.

first class companies are described as follows:

quoted an article on the example of the "1 enterprises relying on new customers is very strong, and a wide range of other industries, because the industry is very competitive, the competitiveness of enterprises in the same industry is very limited, this kind of enterprise, do network promotion is likely to maintain their competitive position in the industry the."

talked about this type of enterprise, if the enterprise for example, the moving company is the most appropriate example.

simple analysis of the nature of the moving company, moving companies, there are a lot of regional nature, such as the moving company in Wuhan, can only do Wuhan customers, but also for the new customer demand is very large. Because moving all belong to the sale of a hammer, moving a knot a paragraph, there will not be the person or business every day boring move everywhere. Therefore, the development of new customers is the main source of profit for the moving company.

another point, Guo Yeye think there are a lot of Wuhan moving company, but due to the limitation of the region, many smaller companies are moving temporary, in the region have saturated trend, although this kind of small moving company does not have the advantage in the network promotion, but it is very easy to be robbed the large customer moving company, of course does not rule out a small moving company will gradually develop into a large company.

so, I think, a strength of the moving company, in the network promotion or for the disadvantaged, in order to constantly explore new customers, let more customers realize their moving company, must use the network to carry out publicity. What’s more, now the company set up the age class, mostly young people, so the network is essential to promote.

moving company, in order to survive in the competition, in accordance with the nature of the company is concerned, of course, is the smallest investment in return for the greatest return, so every penny invested, must be spent on the blade. I’m here to tell you about SE (search engine) network promotion.

keyword promotion, you can accurately guide the potential customers online to move the company’s Web site, through the keywords set, you can also be extended to the region of the region. For example, first talked about "Wuhan moving company" the word must decide the moving area of the company, if the customer is also in the narrow promotion area, can narrow the scope of the "Luxiang moving company", "

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