Open up e-commerce channels so that the old brand rejuvenated

According to the Wuhan

specialty network survey, all over the country shop orders, "the time-honored" local food Hankou hot and dry noodles, Jingwu duck neck, the most popular wuchangyu, Zhou Heiya, from Guangdong, Shanghai, Beijing, Jiangsu and Zhejiang provinces such as more than 80% orders, so that foreign consumers of time-honored native to Wuhan the consumer demand to be released.

Wuhan, the city is also "old" high degree of aggregation of the central city, according to the preliminary investigation of the relevant departments, the existing famous Wuhan can test the old about 215. It is understood that in 2006, the Ministry of Commerce as the first "China Time-honored", Wuhan city’s 4 home — Mayinglong, wufangzhai, Cao Xiangtai, changshengtang. 2007, the second batch of "old Chinese" declaration, Hubei Province, 32 enterprises, the participation of the 33 brands, including Wuhan, there are 15 old. "Not only is a time-honored name, it is part of the city of precious cultural resources. After a hundred years of vicissitudes, is not only a witness to history, but also a microcosm of the history of the century.

in recent years, the state began to increase the old brand protection and support. 2006, the Ministry of Commerce issued a "guidance to promote the revitalization of old development. Last year, Wuhan has also launched a series of revitalization of Wuhan old brand policy measures to guide the Wuhan old brand, new name broaden business ideas, multi-channel development.

has 150 years of history, the tea industry as the only national time-honored Zhao Liqiao began to try to use the tea shop to increase sales of 2 years ago, although the network brings sales promotion effect is limited, but the impact on the expansion of the Zhao Liqiao brand shop certainly is good.

believes that the overall size of the city of Wuhan time-honored Chinese time-honored production is relatively small, lack of concentration advantage commodity display platform, a lot of content just to store sales, so the competition in the market, brand image and benefit of Wuhan time-honored has certain constraints. It may take the time-honored marketing, combined with network e-commerce to carry out online and offline marketing, put drag over reliance on traditional distribution mode, breaking the geographical concept, restrictions, let his name called louder. Wuhan specialty network communication has always been committed to the Wuhan diet culture, promote the specialty of Wuhan culture, provide a free online display and interactive communication platform for Wuhan’s time-honored products, to excavate and promote time-honored culture, support Wuhan time-honored enterprises to "go out" to expand domestic and foreign markets. Source:, welcome to communicate with me, QQ:975357316 (please specify: Wuhan specialty network)

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