Do micro business is the core of the trust to do a good job to raise your circle of friends

a little bit of thought and experience for novice micro business

due to the old yuan I also started a micro business, is the so-called dry line, love line. So in recent months has been on WeChat marketing, and then to write an original article every day, the essay is written well, years later this month to micro business consult me began to get up.

these days is a lot to do micro business novice friends to ask "how do the micro business", "I have no products", "I’m not fans", "how to make money? To be honest, I is not a panacea, some problems look really bad answer, sometimes really feel very tired the. But I can understand their feelings, those small newspapers, websites or above 90 girls do earn 500 thousand derivative false news like, micro business cheat in the circle of friends more, see micro business as long as do can make a lot of money, make money fast. Ha ha! Last year I was the same way! Similarly afflicted people pity each other. ha!

well, let me talk about this period of time to sum up, for some understanding of micro business. There is no tall on the theory, only to talk about the real way to get started.

first, it is clear that in the WeChat circle of friends to sell something different from Taobao, presumably everyone knows. We don’t talk nonsense! I would like to say that the real understanding of the people.

I see there are still a lot of people looking for micro artifact, WeChat and other software to open more violent powder. In 2015 this year can see these, I have no language. In fact, these people still stay in the minds of the desktop computer era, that is, to use software to get the traffic on the phone side, and then mass information, through small probability to get orders.

years ago I had a friend bought 3 IPAD software used to suck powder, a IPAD 100 can open a micro signal, each number with 5000 people, a machine, will be able to add 50 thousand people, 150 thousand people and three machine. But two months down, sent the message, as most no echo number was blocked, a lot of. He recently began to feel very confused. Add powder artifact at the beginning of the WeChat, it is a role, but in 2015 today, it has no effect or the role is very small.


WeChat marketing in essence, is to build a process of trust relations. No trust, no matter how many people, no use. If you put a person in, and then is a day of non-stop hair circle of friends, I hope he can see your message, affect his words, then this effect will only be general.

so how can a person, from strangers to become a little impression of acquaintances, and then become the people who trust you?

I summed up the following:

the first step: each new add in, you have to communicate with him, introduce yourself to know each other. The whole process does not need too much, three to ten sentences is enough. Don’t look down on this action

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