Cross border goods who strong Japan and South Korea accounted for half of the German product sales

recently, Ali’s Juhuasuan announced 2015 cross-border commodity report. Report shows that in 34 million of imports from 53 countries and regions in Germany, Thailand, Japan, milk emulsion pillow best-selling diapers. Among them, the most popular weight loss products welcomed by the people of Beijing.

report data show that imports of goods are the most popular TOP10 countries and regions are: South Korea, Japan, Germany, Britain, France, Holland, New Zealand, Australia, China, Taiwan, Thailand. Japan, South Korea, Germany imports volume accounted for half of the country, only two countries, Japan and South Korea accounted for 37% of turnover. In the past 9 months, food, maternal and child health products and daily necessities become a good heart".

worth mentioning is that the purchase of the world’s most popular enzyme products in the top five cities are: Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Hangzhou, Beijing people can see weight loss.

data also show that the main consumption in 80, 90, occupying over 70% proportion, of which 80 – 50%. At the same time, women prefer to buy imported goods than men, women accounted for 77% of the proportion of imports of goods is the absolute main force. Among them, 29 years old to the age of 35 high education, high income first tier urban women. They lavish in the bird’s nest, high-end kitchen appliances, air purifiers, collagen, fish oil, juice machines of the family consumption. Yin Chengyue J241

Juhuasuan in September before the best sales of imported goods

Japan diapers 768793

Malaysia Instant Coffee 614187 box

Germany milk 613399 box

Holland infant milk powder 384315 cans

French wine 355937 bottle

Australian health products 420884 boxes

American nut snacks 217083

Canadian sanitary napkin 100128 pack

Thailand latex pillow 157683

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