Must not blindly carry out cross-border e-commerce activities

newspaper news (reporter Wang Jiazhuo) September 17th, Chaoyang entry-exit inspection and Quarantine Bureau issued a reminder, in the rapid development of cross-border e-commerce situation, the public should pay attention to protect their legitimate rights and interests, do not blindly carry out cross-border e-commerce activities.

according to reports, in recent years, cross-border e-commerce is developing rapidly in China, in 2014 China’s cross-border electricity trading volume reached 3 trillion and 750 billion yuan, turnover of overseas direct mail market reached 129 billion yuan, is expected in 2015 will reach 247 billion 800 million yuan. Mainland China has become the United States, the United Kingdom after the third cross-border online shopping destination. Chaoyang entry exit inspection and Quarantine Bureau in strict accordance with China’s existing laws and regulations and standards, the jurisdiction of cross-border electricity supplier business supervision, to ensure the legitimate rights and interests of consumers.

quarantine personnel, some of the goods is prohibited in the form of cross-border e-commerce entry, including "prohibited from People’s Republic of China entry-exit animal and plant quarantine law" provisions; no animal derived food inspection and quarantine access; included in the "dangerous chemical name" recorded "toxic chemicals" "the catalogue of precursor chemicals and classification" and "list of varieties Chinese strictly limit the import and export of toxic chemicals" catalogue of goods; in addition to biological products outside of microorganisms, human tissues, biological products, blood and other special articles; may endanger public safety and other NBC terrorism related and radioactive products; waste materials; by international courier or mail entry business goods shall comply with the "People’s Republic of China pets, animals and plants and their products mailed list" requirements; Other products are prohibited by laws and regulations and the State Administration of quality inspection notice to prohibit the entry of imported products. Violations of biological safety and other relevant provisions of the act shall be investigated and dealt with according to law.

inspection and quarantine department said, to support the healthy development of cross-border e-commerce, as long as it does not violate China’s existing laws and regulations and standards. To remind consumers to enjoy the convenience of online shopping, fast, especially across the boundaries of time and space to buy the world happy, can not ignore the safety. Also remind the business enterprise, must understand the relevant laws and regulations and understand the requirements of the country, clear the main responsibility for quality and safety, only to comply with laws and regulations and standards, in order to avoid blindly operating losses.

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