Online shopping trap tricks and more fun to teach you to distinguish, grab red envelopes or red!

encountered similar to the double eleven shopping – this feast, cut the hand of the party who no matter how canal do not stop to put bright eyes, with blindness and deceived from activities. If you do not want to uninstall Taobao, it is necessary to pay special attention to the following points, in order to successfully buy and buy from the war in the whole body back.

1 after the first price discount – pretending to have discounted the appearance of

regardless of the physical store or online shopping, after the first price discount is part of the illegal business practices fraud trick. Chop the hand of the party who is in panic buying before or to goods than three, carefully consider the parity of preganglionic postganglionic orders, don’t be a variety of attractive advertising and red hit dizzy.

2 – bound to grab seckill is crying, crying is to grab a

hand chop party in the former must clearly refer to grab a single seckill whether the goods are additional conditions, such as 1 yuan to grab the goods have to pay 50 yuan postage, or no three policies etc.. In addition, seckill whether the goods really need, whether it is worth the time and wait for the scraper also need to cut the hand of the party who want to know in advance.

3 grid Jiage fishing red – grab red envelopes or red grab


double red everywhere, there is naturally a phishing site successfully, dubbed the "red envelopes of cash" title in the QQ and WeChat platform crazy pass, to induce users to click and enter the payee name, mobile phone number and bank card number and other information to steal money. We must be careful screening of red chain hand chop party, do not impulse "was to grab red".

4 red envelopes express snail – Pro, more than 7 days can not retire

11 during the double expansion of logistics, hope stars hope the moon finally got the baby found that there are a lot of problems, and businesses in more than 7 days refused to return, the miserable chop hand or buyers. So cut the hand of the party who during the 11 to be more rational choice of commodities, especially in the face of some low-priced goods, to consider whether the goods have quality problems only because excessive profits.

5 film liar pay trap – think twice before thinking

if you need extra vigilant telephone service in the payment process encountered "operation timeout" message received or posing as franchise stores told "orders of failure", "don’t take screenshot evidence" or "customer service" to participate in online banking operations related remote assistance, so as not to be implanted Trojan and select the bank card amount. Meet the conditions cut the hand of the party who must communicate with the seller, payment choice with safety function of the browser, not free to click or download the seller sent me the instant chat tool.

remember the above points I can let go buy buy buy! If you cut the hand of the party who missed or buy more or buy the wrong, my heart plug, there were App fun for your impulse shopping pay. Download the idle items open hunting fun, shoot photos can also release the sale! Tao Tao "someone else’s baby", with a very low price to buy the popular big > as authentic!

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