Jiefang District CEO goofy community O2O big cake never disappear

core tip: community O2O (Online To Offline, community online and offline services) after the outbreak of the outbreak in 2014, has gradually entered into the cooling


community O2O (Online To Offline, community online and offline services) after the outbreak of the outbreak in 2014, has gradually entered the cooling phase, the industry began to integrate and shuffle. Only when the tide, before we know who is swimming naked, only when the tide, just know who is really strong.

despite the heat of the community 020 market has declined, but from the second half of this year, there are still a number of Listed Companies in the layout of the community O2O industry, optimistic about the future of the industry. In this regard, the domestic well-known community O2O platform Jiefang District CEO goofy interview with reporters bluntly, the capital of the winter is to allow more investors to calm down, but the big cake of the community O2O market has never disappeared."

Jiefang District joint property custom characteristic community APP

as a leader in China adhere to create community service brand of 020 platform, Jiefang District proved community 020 market prospects and substantial achievements. Jiefang District is the world’s largest residential community service operators Fantasia group ((1777.HK) to create O2O community service as the core of the Internet platform, the platform is very focused on the next line experience, the water has more than 50 million yuan. Talking about the establishment of the Jiefang District mind, goofy said, "there are a lot of small property companies are not willing to be merged, and this part of the market is very large, so can Jiefang District model will be together." In fact, many of the community O2O platform advocates to circumvent the property, while the company will adhere to the property company as an integral part of the community ecosystem, which is the difference between Jiefang District and ordinary communities 020 platform.


cruel field there will still be survivors and newborn, so is the community of O2O market. In addition to tenacious stick in Jiefang District, the second half of this year, there are more than 020 listed companies in the field of community layout. In August 26th, covering fresh O2O model to build based on FMCG, life services, property management and intelligent application integrated service platform of life Shenzhen deer friends network technology Limited (hereinafter referred to as "friends deer technology") officially launched, the platform of China Everbright Group 180 million yuan investment. In addition, in the Austrian home (01538, HK) also announced an update on the property services to the community O2O service transformation, after the transformation, the owners can love home APP reservation Austria home butler service, providing housing rental, maintenance, renovation, community and even the late sale service. In addition to these new entrants, many real estate companies and Internet giants have been concerned about the community O2O, the recent emergence of the wisdom of the community concept.

as early as 2 years ago, 020 community touted the concept of capital, then found no money. "

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