Cross strait telecom operators to build e-commerce platform entrepreneurs first

China Telecom chairman Wang Xiaochu visited Taiwan last week. During the period, the China Telecom and China Telecom signed the "book" the intention of business informatization construction in Haixi Economic Zone cooperation and "iEN smart energy services business cooperation agreement", in particular, the two sides plan to set up e-commerce platform, cooperation across the full online shopping market, the telecommunications industry’s first hit on both sides.

In addition

, China Telecom and via Group officially renewed strategic cooperation agreement, the two sides announced further advance in technical cooperation, product development, and promote the industry in areas such as all-round cooperation, the continuation and development of strategic partnership, the two sides work together to jointly promote the development of CDMA industry China.

first case: the two sides of the operator copolymerization electricity supplier

it is understood that the e-commerce platform through the cooperation with the Chinese telecommunications China Telecom established, cross-strait businesses can sell goods shelves, on both sides of the user in the future can be through the platform, the Internet to buy a hot commodity; as for financial and logistical problems, will be decided in consultation with the Chinese Telecom China Telecom.

Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications professor Wu Hong said that cross-strait cooperation is the telecom operators it will pass three dance for joy, but also a step forward. First, from the consumer’s point of view, the cooperation between the two sides of the operator, so that people on both sides of the Strait to enjoy more varieties, better quality consumer goods and more smooth and efficient delivery of services. Secondly, from the perspective of the enterprise, on the basis of cross-strait cooperation means to reduce the cost of construction on both sides to achieve a product, technology, services, customers, the sharing of resources, is conducive to a large number of enterprises to withstand the impact of the economic crisis and employment. Thirdly, the development of e-commerce itself is also greatly promoted. Because e-commerce only with finance, logistics, production and circulation enterprises, such as the joint construction of large space to improve efficiency, reduce costs, to play the role of economies of scale, economies of scope.

in recent years, the rapid growth of China’s e-commerce has entered a large-scale development, application and operation stage. China Electronic Commerce Research Center in January 2011 released the 2010 annual China e-commerce market data monitoring report shows that in 2010 China’s e-commerce market turnover reached 4 trillion and 500 billion, an increase of 22%. Among them, the B2B market turnover reached 3 trillion and 800 billion, the online retail market transactions amounted to $513 billion 100 million.

The background of

in the vigorous development of electronic commerce in China, cross-strait operators jointly set up e-commerce platform, cooperation across the full online shopping market, not only is represent the general trend of cross-strait economic and trade exchanges, more is to follow the market "call", the development prospects of the vast natural self-evident.

trends: mobile e-commerce

telecom operators to carry out e-commerce, not only to bring their own new space for development, but also to promote the development of e-commerce industry has a positive meaning. First, telecom operators have a complete network infrastructure, so there is a unique advantage in building platforms. E-commerce by telecom operators

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