The drug O2O platform medicine on-line direct market targeting online purchase of medicines

April 14th, sponsored by the association of medical supplies Chinese second session of the 2015 big health industry (West Lake) e-commerce forum, Baidu announced a strategic partnership with the Chinese Association of medical supplies, and announced the official launch of "direct drug".

drug direct belongs to the drug O2O platform. At present, Baidu "direct drug" is still in the early stage of trial operation, the first line is part of the domestic well-known chain pharmacies, including Jinxiang pharmacy, pharmacy, Meida, Fu Jia Tong people big pharmacy and other four well-known large chain pharmacies. At present, have access to "the four pharmacy drugs directly to the support of pharmacist consultation and order the purchase function, users can purchase online and pharmacist demand, pharmacists in real time to the buyers to provide professional guidance.

According to the introduction of Baidu

, "drug free of charge for direct pharmacy member enterprises to establish a direct number of sites, to help them enhance the level of service line. Moreover, the user does not need to download a mobile phone applications, Baidu search through the phone four well-known chain pharmacies can enjoy consulting, selection of drugs, buy, send a one-stop service. The future can also search by drug name, upload photos, voice input, drug scanning kit can realize the search, etc. consumers purchase and purchase voice map.

for consumer confidence in the use of safe medication, Baidu will access the number of drugs on the platform to scan the audit. The current through the mobile phone Baidu can enter the pharmacy direct number, the future Baidu map, Baidu wallet and other mobile phone applications have the scale of hundreds of millions of users will also open pharmacies direct entrance.

The general manager of Baidu

Strategic Cooperation Department Sun Jiandong said: "in the traditional drugstore medicine to" mobile Internet access, to achieve the promotion of marketing value, increase sales at the same time, will also pay more attention to the user experience of a O2O direct purchase platform for domestic chain or single pharmacy to provide, in order to solve the short board of pharmacy before the development of the mobile the end of the."

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