The primary problem of the 10000 CEO Yang Guojian about the entities most painful

recently, the 10000 network CEO Yang Guojian entity enterprise survival situation and how to solve the problems faced by business entities expressed their views.

he said that none of the companies fail because of production and supply can not keep up, only the product sales do not go out and shut down. Enterprises from R & D to sales of a product to the hands of users after one hundred and eight thousand, every link is a challenge, every step requires a lot of external and internal resources to support a ridge only themselves, part of a flawed may be wasted, those who do business really great, how to decrease the 10000 entrepreneurs burden is to solve the problem. So the most important problem is how the real estate enterprises to sell products. The primary problem of product sales is the user where? 10000 network can provide you with your concern, of course, the 10000 just give you the tools, you must cooperate with the solution of chains.

The 10000

network ( is a well-known enterprise integrated service platform. The 10000 of introducing third engineers and technical service personnel, to provide technical services, all aspects of the solution for the enterprise, the enterprise can solve all aspects of the service demand. The line for 2 years, the 10000 network by a large number of enterprises, currently has tens of thousands of enterprise service platform.

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