B2C not only rely on the brand to win

in the rapid development of the Internet today, e-commerce, as a low-cost, large market, convenient and fast business model. Has become one of the enterprises, businesses keen industry, in addition to Internet users are familiar with Taobao, ah C2C shopping platform, there are a lot of all kinds of B2C in the mall, B2C mall, they cover products from all walks of life, not only a wide range of commodities, and the mode of operation is also varied, there are direct manufacturers, and channel sales etc..

in the familiar, several common modes of e-commerce, B2C mall is limitless future. Some analysts have said: the future of the B2C model is the focus of e-commerce development." Relevant data show that in the United States, B2C mall’s market share has been far more than the C2C platform, while in China, online shopping is still in the initial stage of development. People can really do online shopping is only a small part of the hundreds of millions of Internet users, this part of the online shopping crowd is also concentrated in several large C2C platform. Therefore, B2C accounted for a small portion of the market share of online shopping. So China’s B2C and C2C market share is exactly the opposite of the United states. But it is worth noting that the B2C scale is growing at a rapid rate of 70% per year.

according to iResearch released the "monitoring report" Chinese online shopping market in the first quarter of 2009 quarter of the first quarter of 2009 China shows the scale of online shopping transactions reached 46 billion 700 million yuan, a year-on-year growth of 15.5% 08Q4, 08Q1, online shopping market is still maintained a high growth of 96.7%; easy to view international Enfodesk released "the first quarter of 2009 Chinese B2C online" retail market quarterly monitoring data show that the China B2C online retail market sales reached 3 billion 496 million yuan, an increase of 24.1%, an increase of up to 173%.

in the background of the global economic crisis, many industries have been depressed, the pace of development of enterprises has also slowed, but according to the above data show that the increase in market share and trading volume of online shopping in the. I think that is the economic crisis prompted consumers more cautious, cheap online shopping and convenient advantages are more prominent, coupled with the manufacturers for enterprises and gradually pay attention to online retail channels, the China network shopping market and B2C online retail market in both the rapid growth.

A few days ago to see an article about

, B2C mall win by the brand, the brand is certainly one important link, but don’t forget, rely on the brand, is not enough to have a space for one person in a number of B2C mall. Product quality, product prices, store services, logistics and distribution, online payment, etc., these are important links can not be ignored, are indispensable. These are the necessary conditions for brand creation and development.

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