Jingdong protection Jd.wang, 19 yuan.Wang domain name brand protection cited

The linkage of the world

whois information, jd.wang in December 3rd has been registered, the owner of the unit is three hundred six hundred degrees Agel Ecommerce Ltd Beijing Jingdong. Jd.wang is the trump card domain.Wang the world’s first dual character domain name, and Jingdong can be registered for the first time in the back of jd.wang is a lot of.

.Wang domain name, the new direction of enterprise brand protection

it is understood that when the decision will keep part of domain name to these enterprises is open, Jingdong is the first time to seize this convenient, easy to protect its brand resources and opportunities, filed to the East, after 3 months of the approval process, finally won the title jd.wang domain name. And the inquiry that, jingdong.wang has also been registered Jingdong protection.

and the same as one of the electricity supplier industry giant Ali,.Wang domain name and Jingdong did not have the same attitude, timely protection of the relevant.Wang brand domain name. Although the domain name arbitration won Alibaba, Tianmao, tmall, alimama and other 10 domain names, but it is not so in addition to paying low costs, labor costs and huge cost a lot of time, the domain name is mandatory should not be used for any operation. And not long ago, Ali to the high price of the aliyun.wang has officially announced the opening.


domain name industry experts believe that although Jingdong and Ali is two different attitude to protect their own.Wang brand name, can fully reflect the positive and pay attention to the application of.Wang of the new top-level domain giants.

.Wang has made remarkable achievements, the world’s biggest

.Wnag according to the global Chinese domain name access behavior data for a new top-level domain suffix global Chinese launch, was named as the "ace domain" homophonic "network, Wang, Wang", with a high degree of Chinese memory, spelling, habit preference. Since June the official opening, has shown its huge market potential for us to Shirupozhu the image of total global registered rapid growth, the current global registration has exceeded 8.6 net, a new global top-level domain rank.


domain name for Jingdong, Ali, apple, Microsoft and other giants, has the brand strategic significance and important role, many domestic and foreign giants have to attach great importance to the brand strategy of the.Wang in their own.

The linkage of the world

(www.72e.net) as the world’s top 3.Wang domain name registrar, domain name registration hope.Wang 19 yuan lower than the market price to make its own brand enterprises and the webmaster resources protection more easily, low cost, convenient. The market prospect of.Wang domain has made domestic and foreign big enterprises began to sit up and take notice,.Wang domain name will become the new direction of the domain name market.

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