Amazon direct mail hard landing cross-border business opportunities abound



Yan Jun

and sea Amoy compared to the word, cross-border electricity supplier is clearly more loved by the guests. In science and technology and NetEase jointly organized the thirty-third Wudaokou billion state power network salon, from various aspects of cross-border electricity supplier industry chain guests discussed the topic of many export electricity supplier and imported electricity supplier. Some time ago, Amazon announced on Chinese after the cross-border electricity supplier in the domestic direct mail, not cold, but more hot speculation.

according to the recent release of a group of Paypal data, in 2013 China’s sea Amoy family size has reached 18 million people, overseas shopping expenses up to $213 billion 600 million. By 2018, China’s sea Amoy ethnic scale will reach 35 million 600 thousand people, sea Amoy scale will reach RMB 1 trillion yuan.

in the traditional point of view, people go abroad to buy online in order to Amoy cheap, but according to Paypal data, more cross-border online shopping family, is hoping to find more rare products in foreign websites. The main products China sea Amoy family in overseas purchase are: clothing shoes and hats, health beauty, computer hardware, jewelry watches, personal consumer electronics equipment.

interestingly, Chinese has become America’s second largest group of cross-border online shopping destination, coverage rate of 39%, ranking first in the United States is ranked third in the UK, Canada, Hongkong and Australia followed by Chinese.

export electricity supplier: do not guest low priced products

domestic currently has a total of tens of thousands of independent electricity supplier to provide services to the sea Amoy family abroad, but in the CEO Xu Hao seems that tens of thousands is still far from enough, there is great potential for export electricity supplier.

domestic electricity supplier is currently concentrated in several major areas, including Shanghai, Zhejiang, Jiangsu and Guangdong. The export of all electricity suppliers in Yiwu, Ningbo, Suzhou, rash and too much in haste in Dongguan and Guangzhou.

and the current government in all aspects of policy support, the first trade settlement is fully liberalized, a single product of less than $50 in import and export settlement completely liberalized; second is the customs clearance, customs around the 80% have been developed. The third is the export tax rebate, although so far only a concept, the premise of the export tax rebate is after the first tax rebate, tax administration and the Ministry of Finance issued regulations before the end of May, 50 million to more than 50 million of the charge, how to charge, once the charges after the success, import and export business would legitimise.

in accordance with the current data, clothing, digital electronics, auto parts category are cross-border electricity supplier export industry category. Although the domestic car is not good, but the auto products in the United States and Germany are very popular. In addition, the induction cooker, eyelashes, female razors, LED lights and laser headlamps are also increasingly popular overseas consumers.

Xu Hao, foreign buyers of the sea Amoy has several features that young, grass root fan, often using a mobile phone, internet. Speaking.

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