Ma Yun Double eleven Shopping Festival this year will be affected by the APEC

NetEase Francisco November 7th message, according to foreign media reports, the Alibaba Group Holding Ltd (Alibaba Group Holding Ltd) executive chairman Ma Yun said today that during this e-commerce giant double eleven "single day" Shopping Festival delivery may be affected by the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation Organization held in Beijing next week (Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation, referred to as "APEC") summit the influence of.

Ma Yun met with Canadian Prime Minister · (Stephen Harper) at the Alibaba headquarters in Hangzhou, () made the above statement. Earlier, according to Canadian media reports, the Canadian Prime Minister Harper, 5, left for China to launch an official visit for a period of five days. Harper will meet with government officials and well-known business representatives in Hangzhou on 7 and 8 days in, and will meet with Chinese leaders and attend the APEC meeting during the period of 8 to 10 days in Beijing. In recent years, private enterprises in Hangzhou and sustained economic growth, Harper met with Ma Yun, to emphasize the e-commerce platform for Canadian businesses, especially small and medium enterprises to increase the importance of export trade, hoping to sell a product to Chinese canada.


government has already imposed restrictions on traffic during the APEC summit, which will complicate the delivery of online shopping in Beijing. Ma Yun expressed the hope that consumers in the double eleven "single day" demand not more than 200 million parcels. He said, "I’m sure this demand is amazing." Last year, double eleven single day, Alibaba’s e-commerce platform produced a total of 150 million parcels, total sales of $5 billion 750 million. (Tianmenshan Mountain)

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