nternet giant hit the machine who can win the home nternet

smart TV alone can win the living room? Wrong! Terminal (smart TV) just floating clouds, all Internet service is king. In September 5th, millet launched smart TV, this is after this week Jiai Qiyi second launch of smart TV Internet Co. Included in the previous LETV, millet is the third launch of smart TV Internet Co.

price effect immediate. 47 inches millet TV is priced at 2999 yuan, Iqiyi and TCL jointly launched the two version of the TV, CD version of TV+ priced at 4567 yuan, the classic version of the TV+ price is 2999 yuan, are 46 inch tv.

Internet gangster second collective collision (TV), will be the mainstream size, the top configuration of smart TV mainstream price from 6000 yuan down to 3000 yuan; and after the first time they hit the machine (mobile phone), the mainstream price of top intelligent mobile phone from 5000 yuan down to 2000 yuan.

optimal price is not all. Millet technology director and reporter Lei had said the exchange, smart TV with smart mobile phone, in addition to the ultimate hardware products, more important is the ultimate software services and Internet application.

Lei Jun said, the Internet application is not only the ultimate video service, also includes electricity providers, instant messaging, information, game and almost present in the mobile Internet, PC Internet of all Internet services, namely "the entire Internet service".

said Iqiyi CEO Gong Yu interview with this reporter: Iqiyi’s "iQIYI inside" strategy is the living room, iQIYI on behalf of the Internet application and service.

full Internet service

Lei Jun said: millet TV is a top configuration tv.

According to the information provided by the

millet: millet TV using Qualcomm Xiaolong 600 quad core 1.7GHz processor, built-in 2GB large memory and 8GB high-speed flash memory, support dual WiFi and Bluetooth 4, fast projection mobile phone tablet and other mobile devices to millet TV show.

millet TV with a depth of customization Android system based on TV MIUI, equipped with 11 button remote control, in addition, users can also choose HD cable set-top box can be made one with remote control.

previously, almost all the mainstream appliance manufacturers have launched a pile of so-called top-level configuration of the product, but the market reaction is not good. Lei Jun believes that, for consumers, in addition to considering configuration, consider more services.

millet operating system MIUI TV built-in millet mall, application center, game center, etc., while including the video content with CNTV cooperation. The application of millet TV has more than video services, but includes e-commerce (millet mall), games (game center), a variety of Internet applications and services (should)

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