Logistics the life and death line of B2C enterprise development

said to logistics, we have to play a word game, the electronic commerce into two halves: electronic and business. In the current e-commerce industry, many of the so-called "veteran" will tell you, to light electronics, heavy business. Light electronics, this is not wrong, especially for the small small B2C enterprise, after all electronic input is very large and very time-consuming. For the need to continue to develop and grow the B2C enterprise, the electronic is too light, it will restrict the rapid and stable development of many links, such as logistics!

some people may wonder, what is the relationship between logistics and electronics, electronic is "virtual", logistics is "real". As a B2C enterprise, but only the actual combination, it may have great development. In general, many people believe that the occurrence of a B2C enterprise logistics is from the user under the order to start, and in my opinion, it should be from the user to consult the product, there is no goods began. Why? This is similar to the "Butterfly Effect" when user consultation "did goods", the first is the logistics front docking system – Invoicing began to work, can accurately inform or let the user from the website that "whether the goods", the follow-up to the logistics distribution is extremely important.

it will be in such a situation, a single user in the user that there are goods, who knows, in the process of logistics finally found suppliers of goods in stock has no goods, if only a single supplier process will be easier, but if you include other suppliers with the order of goods, the logistics will enter a state of chaos! Show car network marketing director Zhuang Shuai Zileo believe that this situation is particularly common in the operation of comprehensive B2C mall, as it has done relatively large serves network, Chihiro network, they are at the early stage of logistics control is very weak, in a state of confusion. From the point of view of their network and feedback shop opened in the Taobao store on the logistics problems on their reputation caused serious impact and affect the repeat purchase rate development of new users and old users in the net! Chihiro Taobao mall shop logistics index even as low as 3.6; other integrated on the B2C website the network also frequently appear some negative information (post), because many logistics causes. Logistics does raise the reputation and brand of B2C enterprises, such as the IT B2C website mall the largest domestic Jingdong first self logistics, where customers in multi category expansion to become comprehensive B2C shopping website also by way of self built logistics will face the logistics problem, and as the leader of B2C fashion show network in the near future through collaboration with China Merchants Bank, the commodity shortage situation. Start by expanding logistics department and prepare Invoicing system, delivery date marked on the site to solve this problem, the effect is very obvious, greatly enhance the speed of delivery, customer satisfaction and promotion, these initiatives are effective solution ideas, comprehensive B2C site logistics problem

is worth learning!

this kind of situation in the vertical class B2C mall problems are very few, like now >

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