Shenzhen norms online transactions red wine and other Chinese labels need to be affixed

Shenzhen daily news (reporter Peng Yan) reporter yesterday from the latest issue of "municipal government gazette" was informed that the market supervision administration issued two days before the technical guide for standardization, quality information of our online transactions and online transactions of goods imported wine imports of dairy products specification.

market supervision and Management Bureau and Shenzhen entry-exit inspection and Quarantine Bureau formulated two Shenzhen City standardization technical guidance document: "online transactions of the quality of information" and "standard wine online transactions of the quality of information standardization of dairy products". Documents are for the first time, will be implemented since January 1, 2015.

According to

, the value of basic information in the online trading of imported wine and dairy products should include the name, net content and list of ingredients, production date (filling), distributors (or agents, importers) the name, address and contact information, storage conditions and the country of origin (region). The Distributor shall provide the customs declaration form for import goods of the People’s Republic of China customs and the inspection and quarantine certificate for entry and exit inspection and Quarantine of People’s Republic of China entry exit inspection and quarantine. In addition, wine and dairy products should be accompanied by a Chinese label.

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