Ali shield merchant version of the line, direct monitoring of mobile phone store security

January 20th, Ali qiandun sellers exclusive version officially launched, it is dedicated to a Taobao mobile phone seller store security management software Alibaba group security department official launch, set mobile phone system security store security management, Taobao account security, a comprehensive protection of the business account, and store information security. The new version encountered various scenes from the store security management point of view, to build a new shop shop account management, security monitoring, the latest safety information, intelligent operation verification 4 core functions, not only can make the seller more efficient in store management, and real time account security protection.


all features are designed to build Taobao sellers

According to the

version of seller shield money product manager said Tong Shou in the past six months, he and the team a total depth of nearly 100 Taobao visit typical sellers on the platform, such as the boss appliance flagship stores, flagship store, Fanken Elephant Hair mushroom, is Shuixuan Book franchise stores etc.. During the course of the interview, the seller said that the store has been operating in the course of the account theft, the main, sub account management, trading orders leakage, explosion safety and other risk issues are very worried and concerned about. They hope the platform can shield the money based on the existing security protection, security products and services to provide access to the exclusive Taobao stores more support, such as can store security management through mobile phone, to store the account abnormal timely reminder, can monitor the running state of the shop, shop can get safety management guidance.

money shield business edition to store security management more simple

exchange and communication with these sellers based on in-depth, money shield team to design and develop the Taobao version of the exclusive seller shield money money to shield businesses around the core version, "let’s Taobao store and the waiter who can easily whenever and wherever possible the safety management of the store". The full version of the business is the operation of the store from the daily operation of the shop, providing a safer and more convenient solution for the seller’s friends.

[center] Business Edition account once the store account abnormal behavior, shield the money immediately push messages to your mobile phone, by your confirmation, and provide risk treatment plan convenient, safe and minimalist


[security] provide login shop portrait analysis, sellers of goods operation analysis, order operation analysis and other safety report, showing the full range of safe operation of your shop, to help you control the safety of


[read] business businesses is to provide relevant information required safety and safety guidelines for businesses, including the "security information" and "business class" two. "Security information" will provide the latest case for businesses, for security fraud prevention. "Business class" will provide businesses with official safety guidelines for their own shop safety management.

[verification center] money shield a key authentication in this version to upgrade to upgrade, the introduction of intelligent speed verification – intelligent matching near the device, without manual operation, speed verification release.


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