Jingdong announced the first internal corruption event 11 double before the Qing Dynasty

October 24th news, today, Jingdong issued Jingdong group anti-corruption announcement on the past few days to investigate the 10 cases of internal corruption cases were announced. It is understood that this is the first time the name of Jingdong internal corruption scandal.


announcement, the Jingdong announced the personnel involved and positions including but not limited to the Jingdong Home Furnishing mall apparel division director of Jingdong, luxury mall consumer products division of POP operation and POP operation Department of fresh Gang Gang, Beijing District North mall Jingdong spare parts warehouse supervisor, exception handling group Jingdong Home Furnishing Department of Automotive supplies clothing store Mining Sales Department of electrical and electronic group responsible person, before the Jingdong 3C mall Division Product Manager, Jingdong mall micro Xinshou Q business operation post, Jingdong clothing mall apparel Home Furnishing department operation post, Jingdong mall consumer goods business beverage product manager etc..


According to

billion state power network to understand, the internal events involving corruption, embezzlement, accepting bribes from suppliers for supplier gifts, accept supplier banquets and other illegal acts, has been involved in serious processing employees were transferred to the judicial organs or dismissal; at the same time, in violation of state laws of the bribery of businesses have been transferred to judicial organs.

Jingdong group, said: Jingdong resolutely zero tolerance for corruption, corruption involving employees will not be tolerated, serious cases will be handed over to judicial organs. At the same time, for illegal businesses, Jingdong will permanently terminate cooperation."

at present, Jingdong has established three basic principles of Anti-corruption: corruption zero tolerance, everyone anti-corruption and ABC accountability, accountability by leading directly to strengthen anti-corruption efforts.

at the same time, Jingdong said that from now on, any person involved in corruption events in the future will be the company’s internal and external real name announcement, dealt with the announcement together. To this end, the Jingdong to build "Jingdong anti-corruption" website, company employees, business cooperation corruption will be rewarded.

following is involved:

1, Jingdong Home Furnishing luxury mall apparel division director Luan Ji used his position to facilitate the arrangement of the families of the actual control of the company and its management departments of illegal profit, commercial bribery is also suspected of accepting other suppliers. Its behavior in violation of the Jingdong group anti-corruption regulations sixth, the provisions of article twenty-second, was dismissed. Luan Ji on suspicion of "non national staff of bribery, in the office has been taken away by the police, criminal detention by public security organs. At the same time, the supplier of bribery in Beijing in the development of science and Technology Development Co., Ltd. Li Hailong, the person in charge on suspicion of non national staff bribery, has been detained by public security organs.

2, Jingdong mall consumer division POP Zhou Chaoyang and gang operations division POP operation fresh stone Lifeng use of his office, accepting the business of commercial bribery, illegal invalid promotional bills to help businesses, help businesses and illegal >

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