Four words read babe Network Strategy Conference really dry cargo

1, Beibei strength more cattle? – Chinese million maternal electricity supplier MAU second camp

according to the authoritative third party data agency QuestMobile data show that in 2016 to May in January, the mobile mother and child users grew from 11 million 493 thousand to 15 million 495 thousand and 500, up by 145%. May babe network active users exclusive 3/4, share 11 million 230 thousand. Babe network scale of monthly active users over four times more than 3 of the total. TalkingData data show that babe network and active user coverage rate of over nine of the total of more than 3 times; TrustDatas data show that babe network coverage over 4 total users; long-term babe network in major all the mainstream APP app store is the first maternal electricity supplier. The strength of the tough to lead the mother and child electricity supplier, deserved absolute king.





from China business pattern, babe network either DAU (daily active users), MAU (monthly active users) or the user viscosity, have entered the business Chinese second camp (Jingdong,,,, become the representative of the new electric power.





2 over the past year, Beibei doing? – wide grain, high walls, slow kings

was founded in 2014, babe network quickly established a non-standard products brand sale platform unique. Beibei January 2015 online line global purchase business, less than a year into cross-border electricity in the first camp, in Hangzhou, the Ningbo free trade zone three, the first peak. Its construction of self supply chain, has built nearly one hundred thousand square meters of the world’s six largest warehouse, sensitive items to achieve full self.

at the same time, babe network adhere to create the ultimate ultimate genuine, low-cost, the ultimate experience "brand, the first launch of the" three indemnity plan ", that is, you will lose will lose, will slowly lose.

mode in both self + platform, babe network has bred about 50000000 faithful mother users, mobile APP transactions accounted for 95% of total cooperation platform of more than 5000 brands.

2015 GMV babe network of more than 4 billion, compared to 2014 growth of 8 times.


3, financing $one hundred million, Beibei doing? – three step strategy for the first time exposure

meeting, announced the completion of the D round of 100 million > babe

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