Talk about how to use pictures to make money

now let’s talk about how to make your own ads on the picture to make money, of course, this is a way to make money will never disappear. Vary from person to person. Now let’s talk about the method, is to get the picture must be directly linked with your products and terminals. Otherwise, the flow into the non directional flow, that is, garbage flow.

I said we summed up a little bit of experience in combat:

1, pictures uploaded to their own space do not add URL, not to add watermark.

2, to each of the relevant forum post bar, in order to call the way to publicize their pictures out.

3, the function of batch processing using PS to modify these pictures, and these pictures of the distance below 0.5 cm position, down, all set to white (I describe here, you may like this will affect a picture, you can take a picture, you cut to 0.5 cm for you look, basically does not change any), then in the effect on white automatic input "MM QQ is a passionate woman syndrome" or "strong male, woman is QQ……"

this look like thousands of pictures, will be automatically processed, this time you upload later, you will find your site traffic will soon come up.

1, why in the early days do not add URL?

because a lot of people are calling your pictures to a number of forums posting, if there is advertising, then the other party will not call.

and when the other call, and then put on the advertising picture, the flow of this appearance to the.

2, the benefits of this is what color=ffffffb /b/color Wangzhuan:

this way people will not arbitrarily call our pictures, and we take the initiative to send these pictures to a number of large forums.

3, font color what color is better, QQ what skills?

fonts are required to use black or red, which is the most attractive color. QQ must be password protected, because many people will value your QQ, because your QQ will have a lot of traffic.

QQ at the same time as short as possible. Because the QQ number on the picture can not be copied, you must manually income.

so this approach is more suitable for users with a more stable space, a one-time production of tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of pictures, when the publicity is almost sitting on the flow, etc..

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