Wang Yang Ma invited into Guangdong goods on the nternet to sell aggressively north tube goods onli

                network world — online sellers, to tube goods online

"Wang invited MA in Guangdong, for large goods." The fourth Alibaba net goods trade fair will be opened in Guangzhou, not only proved once again that "guanghuo" important status in China, but also to a large number of small enterprises in Guangdong to experience the charm of e-commerce.

with Guangdong small enterprises continue to "online sellers", a new "online tube goods" is also quietly in the word of mouth: one of the drama: good business? The real-time running account to generate a large number of transactions, clearly at any time, selling cool; two: Drama delivery? You can click on the single site inventory, real-time generation of single distribution, corresponding to Bibi, send fast; drama three: many customers? No matter how much sales to, don’t tube where the Internet to see, "customer" in our hands!

so Haoxiliantai, just because the business information seamlessly with external e-commerce management in the enterprise management, information flow of all without resistance, not pain! This makes the post crisis era bosses don’t have to face opportunities and seize opportunities immediately burning with impatience, and improve efficiency, to establish their own business advantage.

this is small enterprises tailored online business, is now popular "cloud computing" is one of the main applications of network of Jin Dieyou "cloud management service platform". As the Alibaba website cloud as many businesses, 360 "cloud killing", IT company provides enough server hardware and software resources through the Internet, like clouds far away in sight, people only need to connect to the Internet you can easily enjoy the "cloud" service.

Kingdee Youshang according to general manager Feng Jie introduced, Youshang is through the seamless integration of Internet and desktop software, to help small business management accounts, tube goods, customer, "let bosses focus on how to open the market, like home with a nanny after Gu worry."

data show that Guangzhou has 70% of the enterprises in the electronic commerce, 50% enterprises in the third party electronic commerce platform. E-commerce has brought new opportunities for small businesses, and software as a service to all aspects of business management. The rise of cloud computing, making online management software and e-commerce docking, one-stop one-stop cloud management service platform is born. "The online sellers and the net goods" will become a reality.

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