Online conversion rate optimization Ten fatal problems of the checkout page

As an important part of the conversion rate optimization,

should pay enough attention to the optimization of the checkout process. The following 10 is a common problem with the checkout page to see if your shop is not the same.

1, shop no cookie

The website of

cookie to remember what the customers to choose goods, sometimes the customer will leave your site over a period of time and then come back to complete the payment, without cookie, but those who leave after a period of time and return to complete the checkout of the customer must all start again.

2 requires registration / login account

research shows that when asked to register, 23% of customers will give up the purchase, even if they have registered users, they will often forget the password, even more lazy to enter the password to retrieve the message. The method of insurance is to provide temporary user checkout channel, the last step is to ask the user information.

3, stuck in the checkout page user

when the user wants to check out, many websites in order to eliminate interference, will remove the site navigation and other information, so, when the customer wants to return the product page to add more products, they will be no way to go.

4, the

freight by surprise

everyone hates high transportation costs, which is the biggest factor in the abandonment of the shopping cart, too late to show the freight tips will make customers feel cheated. 59% of the customers want you to be able to provide freight estimates on the shopping cart page.

5, asking too much information

when you talk about the customer’s personal information (what is your favorite sport?), 12% of customers will abandon the shopping cart.

6, stupid bug reminder

when the user enters the information is wrong, it is difficult to find an error, or you must re fill all the information. The best way to use real-time reminder, when customers enter a message to remind them of the right.

7, does not explain the payment method

, for example, a credit card payment, must explain what is CVV.

8 does not optimize the loading time of the checkout page

you are not only concerned about the home page loading time?.

9, ahead of tick option

, for example, "I would like to receive a coupon code", if you want to do so, you must be careful consideration.

10, no contact information

when customers encounter problems during the checkout process, a clear contact (such as online customer service) may be able to save the deal, but research shows that half of the online store does not provide this service.

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