The latest valuation of $1 billion fashion buyer supplier Farfetch, zero inventory, a light

British fashion buyer supplier Farfetch completed a new round of $86 million financing, the current valuation is about $1 billion.

, a UK based start-up that has not yet been profitable, has won the favor of investors led by DST Global.

Farfetch previous investors, including Kangtai Vitruvian International Publishing Group (Condé Nast International) as well as private equity group Partners, they are also involved in the current round of investment. Up to now, with nearly seven years of history, Farfetch has raised $195 million.

Farfetch in 2008 by the Portuguese entrepreneur Jose Nevis (Jose Neves) was founded, the site will be more than and 300 boutiques gathered together, ranging from Paris, New York and Milan have been covered by the Bucharest, Seattle.


Farfetch last year to open for Chinese network release, you can get a glimpse of the Farfetch profile,

"Farfetch’s boutiques are carefully selected, based on their unique style, well planned product design and advanced thinking. Farfetch highlights the fashion thinking and ideas of these retail partners to ensure that they maintain their own unique personality, which means that Farfetch can provide customers with unmatched wide range of goods to choose from. Farfetch key to influential designer boutiques and budding designer boutiques mix together, which makes Farfetch become the target web site can be found rising star genius, will also be able to buy the world famous brand…… Farfetch goods shipped to more than and 170 countries. Farfetch has more than 120000 pieces of goods, from more than 1800 best brands from around the world the best buyer carefully selected to."

Farfetch 2014 sales revenue of approximately $300 million.


Farfetch is a collection of global high-end fashion boutique website, but their employees for their dress is very simple casual, like an ordinary Internet Co, a T-shirt, a pair of jeans and a pair of sneakers is their most everyday dress. Its founder, José, Neves is also a very casual person, he said he was also the clothes on the site to test the service before buying. Neves said their evaluation of their own is a very rational consumer, his wife also will never impulse to buy some fashion items, and even their own lack of clothes, don’t let him spend 2000 dollars to buy a piece of clothing. But he did a fashion buyer business.


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