New network.CN domain name 1 yuan ultra low price promotions

new network.CN domain name ultra low price promotions

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        after a few years of development time, CN domain name has jumped to the world’s national top-level domain name system to fourth place, the popularity gained a very good effect, which means that our CN top-level domain name system has been improved, the domain name entered the ranks of great powers. At the same time, affected by the Taiwan earthquake last year, there have been a lot of international domain name web site can not access, by our own management, the main server located in the domestic CN domain is not affected in any way, CN domain name resolution and registration, renewal and all other services were normal, security advantages highlights the CN domain name.

      for the popularization of helping CN domain, Xinwanghulian launched "CN domain ultra low price promotions, the details are as follows:

– time: March 7, 2007 12:00 May 31, 2007;

– participants: Xinwanghulian authorized agents;


1, to remind the registration deadline for more than 1 years, starting from the second year to the original price of normal
2, registered agent English CN domain name for the promotion period of registration will no longer enjoy 14 days of free service
3 deleted during the event, Xinwanghulian right according to the market conditions and the company. At any time to adjust the promotional activities.
4, the right to interpret the activities of the new network interconnection all, if you have any questions please call the new network interconnected branches.


Beijing new network technology Co., Ltd.
2007 March 7th

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