Jingdong 11.11 glory route to return the favor of unprecedented love!

this year, 11.11 approaching, the major domestic electricity providers have vied with each other to launch a variety of dazzling 11.11 promotional activities. As a leader in intelligent router, routing will bring glory two family members of the recently released elegant black and white color ceramic Jingdong debut mall "11.11" shopping carnival. By then, the glory of routing will be substantially promotional activities in the intelligent network platform, profit sharing rate reached

There was no parallel in history.!


in order to allow consumers to enjoy more benefits, in this year’s "11.11 Jingdong" activities, activities in the early glory route to "warm up" in the ranks of consumers! In October 26th -11 month 4 days during the landing by Jingdong in the official website mall, the trend of digital – intelligent network in the venue to grab tickets activities, there will be "million coupon" Yahoo! Shopping full 100 yuan can enjoy a discount of 20 yuan, over 300 yuan can enjoy a discount of 60 yuan, over 500 yuan to 100 yuan to enjoy preferential. Grab coupons to consumers, in November 1st opening coupons after use, purchase orders can be directly used to enjoy the glory of the route, the appropriate amount of cash with incentives.


as a set of high value and strong signal in one of the network equipment, the glory of the route will be listed to win thousands of love. Its unique design and classic black and white color, so that the majority of users at the moment, but also to get rid of the smart router cold, the consistent impression. Mysterious and elegant combination of pure black and white ceramic become a timeless classic, randomly placed in a variety of decoration style, are so complement each other. The stylish and taste of the cube and outstanding performance, more consumers feel surprise. Glory route up to 1GHz of the main frequency, ARM Cortex-A9 architecture, independent Wi-Fi hardware acceleration engine as well as its own 30 degrees of the best angle of the built-in antenna, more fully enhance the product’s signal performance and coverage.



it is worth mentioning that the Jingdong held in the "11.11" event, the glory of the latest black color and elegant routing in preferential ranks. Consumers have purchased glory route ceramic white, if interested in the glory of the home with a pair of routes, you can take this time to reduce the activity, with a discount of 20 yuan to buy the price of glory route elegant black. For want to glory "black and white" collocation "routing in pairs" buy consumers, will undoubtedly enjoy the direct reduction of substantial benefit 60 yuan.


only once this year, "11.11" shopping Carnival >

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