Liu Zijun building materials home improvement B2C website using network services to enhance sales


of electronic commerce in recent years the development of the speed of light, let the home building materials industry have also set up their own B2C sites, businesses are expected to bring their business through the Internet second spring, but most businesses have backfired, sales unexpectedly, in addition to a little bit better with some building materials group purchase network cooperation, basically do their own B2C sites are at a loss. Here I share some of the B2C building materials website operation promotion experience for everyone, although the project is 3 years ago, I had one and a half years has finally reached 200 thousand sales, monthly sales, until now is still steadily, hope that this experience can give building materials Jiezhuang industry is doing bring some friends help.

to talk about the project, was looking for my friend to help him run a building site, is to sell the wall paint, such products on the Internet does not sell, the first wall paint is a very important thing, with the express delivery is not worth, and there are a lot of express is not liquid chemicals. The use of logistics delivery of freight will be much cheaper, but usually send will be missing half of the deformation of wall paint bucket, leading to customer complaints, second due to distribution restrictions so only in the local sales, greatly limiting the power of the Internet, promotion must be accurate positioning in the city. Third this is also the most important point, a lot of customers have not yet access to the wall paint awareness.

ride cow to see horse

I was also the first time to do B2C aspects of building materials website, the beginning can only be done in accordance with the ordinary B2C mall to do, so sales, as expected, the poor. But when I look at the customer message and customer service chat records, found that many customers are not asking questions about the product, but their home wall problem, there is the wall construction and other issues. A start for the wall problem we also don’t understand, so we also find in Baidu answers, of course in addition to customer problems on your own site, we are also in the local forum, Baidu know, Baidu Post Bar platform to find some walls to answer the question, and leave the URL of the website or contact. This step is the most basic, but also the basis for the next step.

to meet customer demand for another

to do SEO optimization work, in addition to answering the wall problem on the network, we also collect information related to a large number of problems with the wall, including wall renovation, wall treatment, how to choose the wall paint and so on, to establish a comprehensive answer to all the wall wall columns, questions and answers, are compiled into N text independent the article on the wall inside the column, provide professional knowledge service for customers, do actually meet another target customer needs.

now many customers are very smart, especially Jiezhuang industry unspoken rule news constantly, so customers in the purchase of building materials products are careful about careful analysis, this section makes many consumers understand the whole painting process, also suggested that the coating process is easy to hands and feet. Put these things to allow consumers to enhance the site

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