E-commerce fakes rampant expose Dangdang business fraud


fakes are well-known domestic e-commerce platform for public sale. TechWeb tell you how they capture " " B2C website for naked commercial fraud.

in the regular store to sell a few thousand dollars of goods, online shopping only a few hundred dollars or even tens of dollars will be able to hand. The so-called "hundred dollars to tens of dollars to get the goods, is usually called" cargo ", or simply blatant fake.

this was the Taobao C2C site to the impression of many Internet users, in contrast, the B2C site goods generally purchased directly from the site, so the credibility has been good. But along with the electronic commerce hot, TechWeb found that more and more fakes are tried to "go up into the B2C website, and even some people have begun to put on the e-commerce platform selling fake as a special" work "for naked commercial fraud. Behind this series of commercial fraud, it is standardized means of fraud and operational chain.

was "captured" the B2C website has a lot of, for example: Amazon, mall……

online shopping luxury encounter perfect scam

Liu is a Beijing a foreign employee. In August this year, she bought a famous brand in Italy ARMANI Amazon’s quartz, model AR0154.

"although this product was not found on the official website of the ARMANI, but Amazon never buy fake it, and I have repeatedly confirmed and their customer service, they will certainly it is genuine." Liu told TechWeb.

This watch is in the original

Amazon marked on the 2650 yuan, the sales price is only 650 yuan, as low as 60 percent off preferential let Liu moment tempted.

, in fact, not only in the Amazon to sell, I also saw the same watch in dangdang. At that time, Dangdang online to sell 699 yuan, so I finally chose to buy in Amazon." Liu also was quite proud of playing a small abacus.


Armani’s AR0154 Amazon

quartz product display area (TechWeb pictures)


Armani’s AR0154

dangdang.com quartz product display area (TechWeb pictures)

but unfortunately it happened. Liu got this watch found "inner packing sealing bag has been opened, the table has many others fingerprint, dial" Eagle "logo on the right side of the defective" obvious >

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