Electronic products can not express by air


Information Times news according to the "Xinmin Evening News" reported that after the tact, rhyme and other 4 courier companies, another company received the ticket of aviation association". The day before yesterday, the official website of the China Aviation Association issued a circular, two class freight agent qualification clear cancellation of Beijing Logistics Limited company PHICOM. At the same time, the reporter learned that the electronic products of the major courier companies for the courier containing lithium battery has become "very careful", "walk on air, can only take the automotive".

aviation inspection found "Maoni"

Aviation Association yesterday issued a notice that on November 7, 2012, the capital airport security company in Beijing PHICOM Logistics Company Limited (hereinafter referred to as PHICOM) to vote for Changsha waybill number 784-31120401 name of the computer in the process of cargo security, found that PHICOM provides "non restricted goods declaration" in southern type lithium battery lithium battery for the record in the table.

Beijing branch of China Southern Airlines Cargo Department to identify that PHICOM stamped in the "non restricted goods declaration" that forged chapter. At the same time, in the survey also seized 17 pieces of forged seal has been confirmed in the chapter of the "non restricted goods declaration". The China Aviation Association decided: two types of freight forwarders qualification cancellation of Beijing PHICOM logistics co..

can only take the automotive electronic products

is affected by tact, rhyme for events, recently a number of courier companies for the delivery of electronic products, has been "very careful" performance "". Rhyme a site staff said that electronic products "has been" not in general cargo; said electronic products can be sent, but "can’t go by air, can only take the automotive".

for events to online shopping users and small shop owner has brought some impact. Consumers have to reflect, he needs to express the fault to the field of mobile phone repair, but the courier said with a lithium battery in the mobile phone, so only the motor, "four days to repair three days to four days, have wait." Taobao cosmetics shop has also been "affected", a shop owner said, "before the make-up water and the like, I can through the familiar express airmail, but recently by several courier companies refused." She had to give customers some discounts to prevent logistics slow down the loss of customers.

Xinhua viewpoint

how to build the courier industry security chain


from the shipper, courier companies to airlines, should bear the responsibility for the delivery of security, before and after the two ends of the security efforts should be strengthened." Express Logistics Advisory Network, said Xu Yong, chief consultant.

according to reports, the maintenance of express transportation security is a problem faced by global courier companies generally. In contrast, UPS, FedEx and other foreign courier companies in the "front-end checks" more stringent, such as the shipper of goods, courier inspection, express company self inspection, etc.

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