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] San Francisco April 14th news, e-commerce for the majority of people are not strange words, however, the electricity supplier to today is no longer the blind expansion of the 1990s. At present, the development of e-commerce in China is entering a new stage of intensive innovation and rapid expansion, which has become an important engine of stimulating consumption demand, promoting the upgrading of traditional industries and developing modern service industry.

according to statistics, in recent years, China’s electricity supplier turnover growth rate has maintained rapid growth, especially in the online retail market is developing rapidly. After N reshuffle after the business market, there are a number of commercial enterprises mature talent shows itself "Shenzhen City, Netcom Electronic Commerce Group (hereinafter referred to as the" Netcom electricity supplier ") which is an electricity supplier in the market competition to stay strong.

Netcom electricity supplier is to provide a full e-commerce service operators, which was founded in 2000, currently has eight business division, whose business involves B2B, B2C, C2C, C2B, big data services, group purchase, application software development, cross-border trade import and export, such as Internet banking business from upstream to downstream to the consumer domestic and foreign industrial chain operation service system covering the entire industry, the existing industries can be implemented electricity supplier, is China first proposed the whole industry chain and operational success and achievements of the electricity supplier company.

Netcom electricity supplier CEO Zhang Jun said in an interview with reporters, the electricity supplier platform homogenization serious and fierce competition, how to break through the traditional positive platform innovation is the electricity supplier companies should think. Netcom as the founder and advocate of a new mode of business electricity supplier operations, is different from other business platform advantages, we do not provide a single business service, from the industry chain service system integration of large data analysis to carry out services for the majority of businesses and consumers, is to do a quality system of electricity providers to open up the market, the demand for comprehensive businesses and consumers need to be in the group platform of production and marketing, purchase, loan. Can get various needs and services in a platform system, so they don’t run on other platforms and systems, improve the efficiency and success degree, currently in the integrated business platform, according to company data research department statistics, China Netcom electricity market share of the first, the first comprehensive recognition.

According to Zhang Jun

, currently eight Netcom electricity supplier Division has a membership of more than 40 million households, covering 2860 towns and more than 1 thousand and 200 industries, affecting more than 350 million times / business groups, the enterprise business covering more than and 90 countries and regions worldwide.

Zhang Jun said, in addition to the third party merchants in China Netcom business platform, according to the development of the market and its own industry, Netcom electricity supplier has also developed its own products, such as CNC mineral water, which is a sign of China Netcom Group’s industrial chain operations, but also confirmed that all prove the effectiveness of chain operation. Of course, its own products will be sold in Netcom’s own platform, in order to promote the diversity of the electronic business platform, the platform for the current commodity supplement to consumers more and more real products kimono

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