Tencent electricity supplier finale the company withdrew five points


] May 7th news billion state power network, electricity supplier Tencent has finally announced the end, billion state power network was informed that recently, the Tencent announced the withdrawal of electricity provider holding company, and the Tencent from spin off business, set up electricity supplier company only two years time.

billion state power network to understand, after the adjustment, the Tencent’s business real business into the Jingdong, O2O business with WeChat group, virtual business into enterprise development business group, movie ticket business into social networking business group, customer service team into the technology group, Wu Xiaoguang continue to serve as senior executive vice president of Tencent Inc.

it is understood that the Tencent officially announced the spin off business in May 2012, the establishment of Tencent electric holding company (ECC) focus on operations of e-commerce business, and pat Network, QQ online shopping mall, QQ three for one, integrated into the fast and easy life, electricity providers, digital distribution service Tencent such as electricity supplier’s business.

in March this year, the Tencent officially announced that the shares of the Jingdong, shares accounted for about 15%, the Jingdong acquired QQ online shopping and pat net 100% interest, logistics personnel and assets, as well as a minority stake in easy fast network, which also means the beginning of a large integrated electricity supplier Tencent. However, although the real return of O2O Jingdong, owned by WeChat, but the actual operation of the process, but not a line drawing, there are a lot of intersection between the two, such as the Jingdong to offer pat micro shop business will have WeChat and WeChat closely, the commercialization process in the future, the Jingdong will be an important business the role of.

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