At the end of the year wine ecological network network launch anniversary Carnival sword

November 24th, the anniversary celebration on the eve of the net wine line and the line of Shenyang merchants will jointly open for the celebration of the anniversary of the December 2nd prelude. This network network around the "Four Party banquet" theme, the extension of the four segments of consumer scene, in addition to conventional big promotion, pay more attention to both online and offline interaction "". In the face of the C end users, network network to play the lead, provide Wine wine, beer or liquor etc. the whole category of year-end wine promotion, while the "national tour tasting Tour" for the B end partners provide generous product promotions and equity incentive plan.


network network anniversary banquet party

.It is reported that

, network network (micro signal: wangjiudy) anniversary celebration polymerization of global quality wine, including Lafite, Penfolds, yellow tail wine, and other global brands, rose Wine, Groot beer annual pop single product, and global direct supply of wine producing characteristics. It is understood that the anniversary shows a clear trend of brand products, SKU is also very rich, and joined the charge back, seckill, full cut and other diversity play, thanks to the global quality of supply chain of deep plowing and cultivating professional layout platform strategy.

analysts said, whether it is the C around the scene of the consumer products segment, the diversification of consumption cater to the rational regression of professional wine guide, or the end of B is the ability of Wine partners to provide high premium products, are not open around the strong support of supply chain system. This year, deep global supply chain network network quality, and the United States, France, Chile, Germany and other core areas of wineries, wine manufacturers reached a strategic cooperation, direct mining 3000 products in 16 countries around the world, and strengthened to create a joint strategy of large single product. At the same time, bin cloud strategy Shanxi bonded international inland port 250 thousand square meters to fully open network network, global wine products will be available for this country, will be a strong support for the anniversary celebration and the long-term development layout.

it is understood that after the network network and wine boss signed a strategic cooperation agreement, both sides will carry out in-depth cooperation in the supply chain, to jointly open up a new world of new retail.

started the first anniversary of Ecological Welfare

compared to the previous buy wine, buy wine to send super TV super mobile phone etc. the usual means, ecological network network upgrade again play, open the super welfare wine life world in order to fill back ecological



It is reported that

, November 24th -11 month 30 days during the network network set from 100 yuan to 1000 yuan of four stalls for users: 100 to 115, with 15 full charge 300 donated 50 350, 500 100 600, a full charge 1000 to 1220 to 220. Recharge the amount of the audience universal consumption, recharge the lowest one hundred dollars to start, fully meet the needs of different levels of consumer demand. Users can recharge, then buy, superimposed on the upcoming 122 weeks >

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